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The motto of the Xaverian Brothers, Concordia res parvae crescunt  (In harmony small things grow) is the guiding principle of community life at Xaverian.

Student Life provides students the opportunity to meet new friends and develop new interests through our extra-curricular activities.  We have a club and activities for virtually everyone. To best appreciate your Xaverian education we encourage every student to get involved.


Grandparents Day


This past Wednesday gave freshmen the opportunity to be the experts on campus as they hosted their grandparents for the annual Grandparents Day luncheon. More than 230 grandparents of freshman came to the school and enjoyed a luncheon and dessert in the cafeteria. They also had the opportunity to hear from Brother Daniel Skala, Principal Domenic Lalli, and seniors Dean Adams and Patrick Nicholson.

After the freshman boys finished their PSATs, they joined their grandparents in the cafeteria and took them on tours of the school. For many grandparents, this wasn’t an altogether new experience, approximately one-third of the attendees have grandchildren who attended or are currently attending Xaverian or had their sons attend the school. While there were many grandparents who were coming from nearby, numerous grandparents came from around the country, including Nevada and Wisconsin. 

Click here to see more candid photos. 

Posted by in Freshmen on Thursday October, 17, 2013


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