Coach Mowatt's Bio

Michael Mowatt is the varsity tennis coach and oversees the entire program. Coach Mowatt is entering his 4th season at Xaverian, where his teams have qualified for the MIAA State Tournament the past two seasons. His previous high school coaching experience was at Oliver Ames High School in Easton, MA, where his teams made it to the State Tournament eight out of 10 seasons. His most successful season came in 2000, when his OA team made it to the Division 1 South Final and ended the season with a 16-4 record. Overall, Michael has over 150 wins.

Michael started teaching tennis in 1992 as an assistant coach at Oliver Ames High School. He later took over the boys’ tennis team in 1996 and was hired as a tennis instructor at the Easton Tennis Club, where he stayed on until 2004 when he moved onto the Adirondack Club in Franklin. In 2004 he was awarded teaching pro certification by the United States Professional Teaching Association and continued to teach tennis up until December of 2008 when he was promoted to assistant aquatics director. Michael has moved out of teaching tennis professionally, but still enjoys coaching at the high school level and is an avid doubles player throughout the year.

Coaching Staff

Varsity Head Coach:  Michael Mowatt

Junior Varsity Coaches: Jack Raymer

Program Philosophy

Prior to Coach Mowatt taking over, Xaverian tennis was comprised of small, very talented teams numbering between 11-13.  Currently, Coach Mowatt's philosophy is to keep as many players as he can without taking away from one on one coaching.  Xaverian has recently created a Junior Varsity team, with a separate match schedule, which is coached by Rob Bruckner, who teaches Mathematics. They generally keep between 22-26 total players on junior varsity and varsity. Varsity is highly competitive, with many of the players competing is USTA tournaments and a majority of the players taking lessons in the off-season.


Varsity Roster

Name, Year of Graduation 

Jamie Chisholm*, Class of 2014
Joe Imbriani, Class of 2014
Peter Roche*, Class of 2014
Johnny Rorke, Class of 2014
Jack Vhay, Class of 2014
Shinjae Kwan, Class of 2014
Anthony Deban, Class of 2014
Patrick Cunniff, Class of 2015
Andrew Modelane, Class of 2015
Jack Hayes, Class of 2015
Anthony Borghi, Class of 2016
Peter Moynihan, Class of 2016
Zach Zollo, Class of 2016
Chris Fronsaglia, Class of 2016
Jacob Zomick, Class of 2017
Jonathan Gordon, Class of 2017
Justin Doo, Class of 2017

*denotes team captains

Tennis Schedule

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