We are 
redefining strong.

We asked the Xaverian community to nominate students who are redefining strong, and the nominations poured in. They came from classmates, teammates, coaches, teachers, parents, and even the principal.

Then, we surprised the students who were nominated.

Check out their reactions in this powerful video series, and stay tuned throughout the year as we share more redefining strong stories.

First up, meet Hans. Hans was nominated for redefining strong by Thomas, a classmate.

Hans is passionate about marine biology and is one of the main members of the science club. He has chickens and brings them to school. He comes in during the summer to take care of the fish. He’s different than other guys. I once heard that our need for acceptance can make us invisible in this world. Instead, Hans chooses to be himself in a world full of copycats, which really inspires me. Strong is being yourself, no matter what others think. 
-Submitted by Thomas '21

Strong is...

At Xaverian Brothers High School, we believe that strong is about much more than muscles and will. Strong is about respecting others and yourself. It's taking responsibility and giving credit where it's due. Strong is speaking out, and it is also holding back. Strong is doing a favor and not expecting one in return. Strong is doing the right thing even when it's not popular. Strong is having faith in the face of doubt.
Here, our young men discover the true meaning of strength in an inclusive community where all can thrive. For over half a century, we have helped to shape strong young men in the best sense of the word. Today, we are more than 10,000 strong.

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