We are 
redefining strong.

We asked the Xaverian community to nominate students who are redefining strong, and the nominations poured in. They came from classmates, teammates, coaches, teachers, parents, and even the principal.

Then, we surprised the students who were nominated.

Check out their reactions in this powerful video series, and stay tuned throughout the year as we share more redefining strong stories.

For our seventh video in the series, meet Matthew, Kastriot, and Thano. They are each redefining strong in their own unique way. 

Matthew has a physical limitation that makes many things more difficult for him, but he has never used that as a reason not to participate. He has strived to be an active member of the Xaverian community and has been involved in a variety of athletic, academic, and social activities at Xaverian, including varsity tennis, basketball team manager, press box stats for varsity football, tutoring, Communications Corps, and serving as assistant editor of the daily student bulletin. Matthew has overcome many challenges and has truly redefined strong every day. Strong is no excuses. 
-Submitted by Kevin and Lucy Malley, P ’20 
Kastriot knew he wanted to play football this year, but he could not get a ride to school for the summer strength and conditioning workouts. He didn’t let that stop him. Instead, he rode his bike and took two different trains to get to Xaverian. It took him 2 hours and 50 minutes every day, but he is so determined. He wanted to do it. I don’t usually do things like this, but that’s why I am nominating him. I am lucky to have him; he makes me proud. Strong is letting nothing stand in your way.

-Submitted by Ilir Panariti, P ’23
Thano is one of the most kind and caring people I have met at Xaverian. He does well in all of his classes and is always willing to help someone when they are struggling with a concept. It makes me happy whenever we partner up for an activity in class, not because I want to sit back and let him do the work, but because I know it will make learning the material far more engaging. I am always able to learn something from him. Strong is using your talents to help others succeed.
-Submitted by Matthew ’21

Strong is...

At Xaverian Brothers High School, we believe that strong is about much more than muscles and will. Strong is about respecting others and yourself. It's taking responsibility and giving credit where it's due. Strong is speaking out, and it is also holding back. Strong is doing a favor and not expecting one in return. Strong is doing the right thing even when it's not popular. Strong is having faith in the face of doubt.
Here, our young men discover the true meaning of strength in an inclusive community where all can thrive. For over half a century, we have helped to shape strong young men in the best sense of the word. Today, we are more than 10,000 strong.
Nick has a consistent work ethic and go-getter mindset. He’s frequently here at Xaverian at 6:00 in the morning, either training in the weight room or perfecting his basketball game. He always includes his classmates, but even more than that, he helps out the FXD students while he is working out. Through his drive and motivation, Nick worked his way up to Honors courses from the College Prep level. That is no easy task. It has been remarkable to see how he has matured and has become a leader in this community. Not many people would wake up early and hit the gym, but Nick finds the time. Not many people would study instead of hanging out with friends, but Nick finds the time. Not many people would go out of their way to help others who they don’t know, especially younger students, but Nick finds the time. It’s truly inspiring to see how far he has come, and I know he has a lot in store for his future. Strong is making the most of your time to do what is best for yourself and for others. 

-Submitted by Anif McDonald ’12, Assistant Director for Admissions
For his Eagle Scout project, Evan worked with a group called e-Nable that distributes prosthetic hands to those in need around the world. He bought the parts and assembled six hands with the help of his fellow scouts. The prosthetic hands were sent to recipients in India. Last year, he brought the project to Xaverian and worked with a small group to assemble more hands. This year, Evan hopes to expand the project by involving more students. Strong is caring for the marginalized around the globe, while inspiring others right here at home.

-Submitted by Mr. Jim Conley, Director of Campus Ministry
In football, it’s not always about the starting quarterback or wide receiver. They might get the cheers from the crowd, but you really depend on the guys who come to work and grind it out every day. Dom is one of those guys. He’s rarely missed a training session. He joined the track team to help himself get faster. And even though it’s not his primary position, he still offered to be practice squad QB when we were a man down. Strong is stepping up even when you don’t get the glory.
-Submitted by Al Fornaro ’78, Head Football Coach
Mike is the captain of the cross country team and suffered a season-ending knee injury which has left him with a brace and crutches for the next eight months. Last spring, he started having some problems with his knee which limited how much he could run. Sometimes it seemed he'd run through the pain just to show us freshmen that you always have to keep going in life, no matter what happens. He's been a big inspiration not only for me but for the whole team. He's committed to helping out the team every way he can, whether that be cheering on a fellow athlete or giving training advice. Strong is lifting up your team even when you are down.

-Submitted by Thomas ’22
Here at Xaverian, we pride ourselves on being positive, hardworking, courteous, and above all else, respectful of one another. Every day, when Isaiah gets dropped off in the morning, he greets me with a smile and a firm handshake. In the hallways, he is always one to help a friend and he has a terrific attitude. Without question, he has earned the respect and admiration of his peers and of his teachers. I have nominated Isaiah because of what he brings to our school each and every day. Our school is better because he is here. Strong is enhancing the lives of others, simply through your presence.
-Submitted by Dr. Jacob Conca ’94
Hans is passionate about marine biology and is one of the main members of the science club. He has chickens and brings them to school. He comes in during the summer to take care of the fish. He’s different than other guys. I once heard that our need for acceptance can make us invisible in this world. Instead, Hans chooses to be himself in a world full of copycats, which really inspires me. Strong is being yourself, no matter what others think. 
-Submitted by Thomas '21
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