Celebrating a long tradition of athletic excellence, the Xaverian Brothers High School Athletic Hall of Fame recognizes the exceptional achievements, leadership skills, and values demonstrated by select individuals and teams at Xaverian Brothers High School and Mission Church High School. Thousands of Hawks have donned our uniforms and competed on countless fields, courts, and tracks. We believe that participation in sports naturally augments a student’s educational experience and personal growth.

Today, Xaverian offers a vibrant athletic program, with more than 80% of students participating on at least one of the 50+ teams competing in 17 different sports. After 50 years of athletic success, Xaverian announced its inaugural Athletic Hall of Fame, which took place on Saturday, October 25, 2014, with nearly 300 in attendance. Since then, impressive classes have been inducted in 2016 and 2018.

Inaugural Class of 2014

Dominic Baldassari – Varsity Tennis Coach (posthumously)
Bob Glennon – Cross Country, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track Coach
Don Mills, P ’88 – Varsity Basketball Coach
Charlie Stevenson ’69 – Varsity Football and Golf Coach

Phil Penza ’67, P ’05 – Football, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track
Frank Prior ’69 – Indoor Track, Outdoor Track
Jim Keefe ’71 – Cross Country, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track
Paul Murphy ’74 – Football, Basketball
Bill Brady ’76 – Tennis
Mark Young ’77 – Hockey, Baseball
Dana Barros ’85 – Football, Basketball
Steve Cesnek ’86 – Soccer, Basketball, Outdoor Track
Greg Comella ’93 – Football, Basketball
Matt Hasselbeck ’93 – Football, Basketball
Tim Hasselbeck ’96 – Football
Derrick Knight ’99 – Football, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track
Derek Anderson ’01 – Football, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track

1953 Mission Church High School State Champion Basketball Team
1966 State Champion Football Team
1984 All State Champion Cross Country Team

Class of 2016

Armand Caraviello, Football
George McCabe, P '92 – Football, Swimming

Chris Bonner '02 – Indoor Track, Outdoor Track
Matt Craven '94 – Swimming
Joe Fleming '90 – Football, Hockey
Ed Follen '77 – Soccer, Diving, Baseball, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track
Jim Gallagher '91 – Wrestling
Lauris Lambergs '91 – Soccer, Hockey, Lacrosse
Joe Lang '67 – Football, Basketball, Baseball
Ed Miller '68, P '94 – Football, Basketball

1970 State Champion Tennis Team
1986 State Super Bowl Champion Football Team
1998 New England Champion 4 x 220 Meter Relay Team
2004 State Champion Baseball Team

Class of 2018


John Laflamme P ’91, ’93, ’00 – Soccer, Hockey

Mike Mangiacotti, MH ’60 – Football, Basketball, Baseball
Mark Amirault ’07 – Cross Country, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track
Cory Bailey ’94 – Football, Wrestling, Baseball, Lacrosse
James Bailey ’75 – Basketball
Chris Brady ’78 – Tennis
Michael Davis ’98 – Skiing, Outdoor Track
Joe Kamara ’90 – Football, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track
Greg Sullivan ’70, P ’99 – Indoor Track, Outdoor Track
Ted Waite ’68, P ’02 – Football (posthumously)
Jeff Wallace ’05 – Golf

1967 Class C State Champion Football Team 
1992 Division 1 State Champion Golf Team
1997 Class A State Champion Indoor Track Team
1998 Division 1 Super Bowl Champion Football Team


Nominating Criteria

Qualified student athletes (alumni) will have:
  • Graduated from Xaverian at least seven years ago 
  • Displayed outstanding character and sportsmanship on and off the field
  • Been recognized by the conference or state as an outstanding athlete
  • Been a dominant athlete while playing at Xaverian
Qualified coaches (past or present) will have:
  • Established a long winning tradition while at Xaverian
  • Won multiple conference titles and a state title while at Xaverian
Qualified teams will have:
  • Won a state championship
  • Been regarded as the best team to have ever played for Xaverian
These are the best of the best. The above is just a partial list of qualifications. To be accepted into the Athletic Hall of Fame the nominee must receive an 80% approval from all voting members.
A private, Catholic, college preparatory day school for boys in grades 7-12. The Boston area prep school offers a rigorous academic curriculum, a well-developed campus ministry program focused on faith, character, and leadership, and a proud athletic tradition featuring competitive Division 1 high school athletics in the Catholic Conference.