16 Xaverian Students Honored for Acts of Kindness

Announcing the October Brother Raymond Hoyt, C.F.X. Award Recipients

This year, Xaverian Brothers High School announced the creation of a student award to honor character and acts of kindness. It is called the Brother Raymond Hoyt, C.F.X. Award, named after a much-beloved alumnus, teacher, and assistant principal, who passed away in 2017. Brother Ray, a 1970 Xaverian graduate, served the school for 26 years with enthusiasm, positivity, and humility. In the spirit of Brother Ray’s contribution to the Xaverian community, award recipients demonstrate kindness towards their neighbors, humility in their actions, and service to those in need. 

Each month, faculty and staff are asked to nominate any students they feel meet the award criteria in one of six categories (descriptions below), including humility, kindness, work ethic, generosity, discipleship, and respect. A limited number of the nominees are selected by the administration each month of the school year. This October, 36 students were nominated and 16 were selected as finalists. The recipients were announced on November 13.

The recipients of the Brother Raymond Hoyt, C.F.X. Award are as follows:

Maksim Vilsaint ’25, Kindness
Lucas Pinto ’25, Kindness
Abraham Anderson ’25, Generosity
Ian Bourn ’24, Work Ethic
Jacob Stifel ’24, Kindness
Andrew Heerman ’24, Kindness
Gabe Wert ’23, Generosity
Ryan Sullivan ’23, Kindness, Work Ethic
Alex Saunders ’23, Humility
Benjamin Ryan ’22, Work Ethic
Peter Barton ’21, Work Ethic
Nicholas Mihopoulos ’21, Generosity
Vincent Carrara ’21, Work Ethic
Aidan Gordon ’20, Generosity
Jacob Buonaccorsi ’20, Discipleship
Luke Babicz ’20, Humility

“With this award, we aim to recognize the good decisions our students make every day and the impact they have on our community as a whole,” said Dr. Jacob Conca ’94, Xaverian’s newly appointed Headmaster. “Whether it’s a junior offering to tutor a peer in math or an eighth grader taking the time to make a resident at Benchmark Senior Living feel truly valued during one of our service opportunities, these acts define who our young men are today, and who they will become in the future.”

Brother Raymond Hoyt, C.F.X. Category Descriptions

Humility - Recipients of this award have demonstrated an act of helping others in the
community without any fanfare. They are also students who recognize their own
limitations while striving to get better through action and service.

Kindness- Recipients of this award are happy, positive members of the community who
are trustworthy and willing to make connections with others. They are authentic in their
praise of others and do good deeds that make others feel special.

Work Ethic - Recipients of this award do not seem to be discouraged by setbacks and
push through adversity. They often go the extra mile and show a notable commitment to
completing a task.

Generosity - Recipients of this award give of themselves and expect nothing in return.
Whether it is time, resources, or labor, students recognized in this category show a
passion for helping others succeed.

Discipleship - Students receiving this award build relationships with others inspired by
the gospel ideals of devotion, care, and encouragement. These students hold their
classmates accountable and challenge them to embody Xaverian values.

Respect - Recipients of this award admire and treat all people in the school community
well. They are courteous and act in positive ways about themselves and others. Respect
at Xaverian means you show others that you care about their feelings and well-being.

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