Xaverian is always looking for Class Agents who are eager to support the mission of Xaverian.
We look forward to working with you as together to conduct successful social, educational, spiritual and school service events which will enable us to successfully advance the mission of Xaverian Brothers High School.
We believe the role of Class Agent is critical to keeping a vibrant alumni association. Class Agents know their classes better than anyone and can serve a key role in advancing our alumni efforts.

If you would like to be a Class Agent and serve your class, please contact: Jim Scholl '03, Director of the Fund for Xaverian and Leadership Giving, at jscholl@xbhs.com or 781-801-1617.

Class Agent Information

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  • 2017-2018 Class Agent Directory

    Class of 1967
    Tony Camarra
    John DeVito
    Ned Kennedy
    Phil Penza
    Mark Reagan
    Alan Ruskis
    Denis Smith

    Class of 1968 (50th Reunion Year)
    Peter Markey
    Joe Savage

    Class of 1969
    Felix Betro
    Chip Commander
    Rocky DeSimone
    Mark Gately
    Joe Jenkins
    Mike McMath
    Brian Moloney
    Al Murphy

    Class of 1970
    John Downing
    Jack Parsons

    Class of 1971
    Mark Campisano

    Class of 1972
    Jerry Betro
    Jim Hennigan
    Joe Roth

    Class of 1973 (45th Reunion Year)
    Rich Betro
    Rick Campbell
    Steve Curley
    Rich Hagerty
    Jay McDonald
    Rich McGowan

    Class of 1974
    James Arena-DeRosa
    Chris Carney
    Kevin Coughlin
    Steve Oberto

    Class of 1975
    Bob Ennis
    Liam Fitzgerald
    Steve Gill
    John Holiver
    John McGourty
    John O’Brien

    Class of 1976
    Dave Capobianco
    John Forte
    Gene Mahoney

    Class of 1977
    Jim Donovan

    Class of 1978 (40th Reunion Year)
    Dan Feeney

    Class of 1979
    Paul Dauwer
    David Foster
    Steven Morris
    Bob Reardon

    Class of 1980
    Jack Curran
    Mike Kennedy

    Class of 1981
    Rich Joyce
    Rich Mazzocca
    Gary McNeil
    Jim Walsh

    Class of 1982
    Dan DiSangro
    Steve Kern

    Class of 1983 (35th Reunion Year)
    Bernie Braudis
    Rick Cameron
    Dan Evans
    John Sullivan

    Class of 1984
    Paul Bertram
    Greg Buchanan
    Chuck DeCoste
    Ed Martin

    Class of 1985
    Matt Catalano
    Anthony Dell
    Dan Dwyer
    Frank Geishecker
    Jerry Giusti
    Joe Imbriani
    Dino Mancini
    Joe Nedder
    Frank Reilly
    Jamie Sierra
    Ted Thibodeau

    Class of 1986
    Bill Coggeshall
    Mike DiMascio
    Chris Maloof

    Class of 1987
    Derek Doo
    Kevin Whelan

    Class of 1988 (30th Reunion Year)
    Dan DiPlacido
    Derek Menadue
    Rich O’Connell
    Steve Tierney

    Class of 1989
    Warren Mead

    Class of 1990
    Brendan Fowkes
    Dave Martin

    Class of 1991
    Pete Adams
    Greg Curran
    John Dugan
    Steve Hunt

    Class of 1992
    Chris Lenox
    Bill Weber

    Class of 1993 (25th Reunion Year)
    David Gately
    Jay Ierardi
    Brian Tiernan

    Class of 1994
    Matt Miller
    Vincent Verducci

    Class of 1995
    Theo Matheos

    Class of 1996
    Joe Consilvio
    James Costello
    Adam Newman
    Kevin Nowak
    Larry Pickener
    Jon Porter
    Will Roberts
    Jason Springer
    Jon Zadrozny

    Class of 1997
    Scott Reilly

    Class of 1998 (20th Reunion Year)
    Brad Bestgen
    John Duggan
    Mike Favaloro
    Ali Kamran-Rad
    Dan Lalli
    Rob Schultz

    Class of 1999
    Christopher Carney
    David Curran
    Michael DiStefano
    Kevin Eaton
    Derrick Knight
    Stephen O’Sullivan

    Class of 2000
    Ryan Bradley
    Phil Dudley
    Matt Gardner
    Pat McDonnell
    Jonathan Simms
    Brian Sullivan
    Chris Vasta

    Class of 2001
    Rick Bodio
    Andrew Munchbach
    Robert Shea

    Class of 2002
    Joe Imparato
    Jerry Moffett
    Andy Sweeney

    Class of 2003 (15th Reunion Year)
    Max Holiver
    Tyler Jenkins
    Josh Kelly
    Tim Lund
    John Murphy
    Jim Scholl

    Class of 2004
    Ryan Barry
    Chris Campbell
    Mark Dondero
    Joseph Greaney
    Collin Haney
    Jared Kelly
    Tom May
    Dan McSweeny
    Ryan Munro
    Chris Robbins

    Class of 2005
    Zack Abrams
    David Augustine
    Tom Carroll
    Mike DeCenzo
    Ralph Fasano
    Dom Lombardi

    Class of 2006
    Joe Anello
    Alec Bleday
    Mark DeCenzo
    Andrew Goldberg

    Class of 2007
    Armando Agnitti
    Luke Chmielinski
    Ryan Gillan
    Greg Hyman
    Ben Key
    Matt Moon
    Fr. Mike Zimmerman

    Class of 2008 (10th Reunion Year)
    Greg Burke
    Joe Flocco
    Brian Mellett
    Brendan Raftery
    Kevin Raftery
    John Scholl
    Matt Tannozzani
    James Thorne

    Class of 2009
    Jake Barnett
    Garrett Buckley
    Matt Cerullo
    Dan Conroy
    Rob Dion
    Pete Dolan
    Ryan Flanagan
    Sean Hagerty
    Johnny Kelley
    Mike Pappano

    Class of 2010
    Kevin Aufiero
    John Bleday
    Anthony Breen
    Eric Gesimondo

    Class of 2011
    Andrew Griffin
    Cory Hodson
    Trevor Larrubia
    Chris Roche

    Class of 2012
    Mike Hagerty
    Tyler Hogan
    Anif McDonald
    Cam O’Grady
    Matt C. Stapleton
    Matt P. Stapleton
    Sean Tenaglia

    Class of 2013 (5th Reunion Year)
    Kevin Conley
    Geoff Martello
    Matt Schamber
    Mike Sennott

    Class of 2014
    Jake Diehl
    Pat Horne
    Joe Imbriani
    Amir McDonald
    Joey Motchok
    Patrick Nicholson

    Class of 2015
    Pat Dolan
    Mike Fahy
    Jake Farrell
    Matt Greeley
    Alex Miller
    Ryan Plunkett
    Brian Thomas

    Class of 2016
    JohnPaul Bettinelli
    Jack Carmone
    Billy Lahart
    Kerim Saraoglu

    Class of 2017
    Mike Stone
  • Purpose of the Class Agent Program

    • To keep their school class connected to Xaverian Brothers High School and its mission.

    • To broaden the resources of the Xaverian alumni body and provide the school with a group of strong volunteers, including themselves, from among their classmates.

    • To continue to build the bonding, friendships and encourage participation of classmates in school and alumni sponsored events and programs including web based social media forums like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

    • To increase the flow of communication with all alumni and provide an informed source of information to their classmates based on experience and inside information. They “share the good news” with fellow alums, of the continuing benefits of Xaverian Brothers High School.

    • To assist in the planning and coordination of their class reunion events that are held every five years at Xaverian.

    • To assist the President and Board of Directors of the Alumni Association on an as needed basis to help fuel their programs.
  • Role of a Xaverian Class Agent

    • Assist in keeping your class connected by assisting in keeping an accurate account of class database (emails, locations of home and work, job titles, family status (marriages, births, deaths [maybe of a parent, etc.]).

    • To twice a year assist in the submission of class notes for the school magazine for your class (or any brothers or other friends you are in touch with that are Xaverian alumni).

    • To build and maintain your class’ Facebook page. Most classes have one set up already, so you would just be posting announcements once in a while or encouraging classmates to “Like” the class page.

    • During Reunion years, being Reunion Committee Leaders in recruiting classmates to attend their reunions. In non-reunion years, recruit additional class agents-we always need new members and ideas.

    • Drive class participation in alumni events such as (Homecoming, Alumni Christmas Party, Golf Classic, Boston Business Breakfast, and alumni sports tournaments (3-on3, rugby, road race, soccer, lacrosse, and hockey events).

    • Develop Class Letter - In conjunction with the Annual Fund, you may be asked to craft/write/assist with one solicitation letter to classmates for mailing.

    • Annual Fund – In conjunction with the Fund for Xaverian, you will be given the opportunity to contact fellow classmates for their renewed support for the Annual Fund. You may do it by phone, email or letter. Participation in the Fund for Xaverian by all alumni is important.

Class Agent Meeting RSVP

All class agents are invited to join us on Thursday, November 2 for Xaverian's annual Class Agent Kickoff Meeting. The evening will begin at 6:30 p.m. in the Trustees Conference Room of the Library.
example: 1985

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