A commitment to offer a Xaverian education to all qualified students, regardless of their financial standing, is a traditional and widely acknowledged strength of the school. We simply do not want capable students excluded for financial reasons.  
To this end, every Xaverian student received some form of financial assistance since the actual cost to educate a student is approximately $2,000 more than the amount of tuition.  In addition, we award nearly $2,300,000 in financial assistance to boys with demonstrated financial need – some 50% of the student body – each year. Yet, the legitimate requests for aid far outstrip the funds currently available. It is imperative to strengthen Xaverian’s financial aid pool for the sake of educating talented and deserving students in the years ahead.
We are committed to:
• Strengthening the school by accepting the strongest possible students without regard for their ability to pay the full tuition.
• Ensuring that a Xaverian education remains affordable for middle-class families.
• Enriching the school community by reaching out to a more diverse population.

Student Gift Opportunities

List of 3 items.

  • General Scholarship Fund

    Gifts of any size designated for financial aid will be pooled in the Board Designated Scholarship Fund. Earnings will be awarded on an annual basis by Xaverian’s Financial Aid Committee.
  • Named Scholarships

    Gifts of $50,000 or more will provide a named scholarship in the student financial aid program. Such gifts can honor or memorialize a family member or friend, or the benefactor. Each fall semester, donors will be sent information about the specific students their generosity supports, as well as the investment performance of the fund.
  • Ryken Partnership Scholarships

    A truly Xaverian education moves from mere academic excellence to a lived faith that prompts the learner to a life of service. Xaverian is committed to moving further in its goal of creating an educational and formational environment in which students learn from daily experiences how to live the gospel and Xaverian values of service and ministry. To that end, we will expand our efforts to attract young men from neighborhoods of lower and middle income. A gift of $50,000 will provide for the establishment of Ryken Partnership Scholarship as part of the Board Designated Scholarship Fund.
A private, Catholic, college preparatory day school for boys in grades 7-12. The Boston area prep school offers a rigorous academic curriculum, a well-developed campus ministry program focused on faith, character, and leadership, and a proud athletic tradition featuring competitive Division 1 high school athletics in the Catholic Conference.