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At Xaverian Brothers High School, our accountability is measured in the lives our students and alumni lead, as they become leaders in their communities. As we celebrate our 50th anniversary, we are proud of the examples they set in their families, in their workplaces, and in service to their communities.

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  • Stephen '67 and Marybeth Bisson P '13, '18

    Parents of Stephen ’13 and Spencer ’18, Steve and Marybeth Bisson have been longtime supporters of Xaverian, dating back to Steve’s time as a student.

    “I’m the person I am today because of Xaverian,” says Steve, retired chairman of the board at Constar International, Inc., in Norwood. A self-described “wise-guy from the inner city,” Steve came to Xaverian in fall 1963 because his mother thought he needed discipline. “The Xaverian Brothers had a reputation for being strict—but also for providing solid academics. I managed to get both: a great education and a nice blend of Christian values,” says Steve.

    The youngest of seven children, Steve grew up in Roslindale, where his parents held multiple jobs to support their large family. “They both worked so hard,” he recalls. “We were latch-key kids before the word was fashionable.” Steve thrived in the firm- but -nurturing, atmosphere at Xaverian and formed wonderful relationships with some of the brothers. “Many of them made a profound impression upon me. I literally saw Christ at work through these men.”

    After time at Stonehill College and the Air Force reserves, Steve landed a job in the electrical construction industry. “I learned from the ground up. I started by driving a truck and getting coffee,” says Steve. He eventually entered a formal training program and worked his way up at Broadway Electric in Boston.

    In 1976, Steve took a chance, went out on his own and founded Consolidated Electrical Services. His gamble paid off. After obtaining his MBA from Northeastern University, he renamed the business Constar International. Constar became the 18th largest electrical/telecommunications company in the country, with over $200 million in annual revenues.

    In addition to his financial success, Steve is a dedicated volunteer. He’s been a member of the Xaverian board of trustees, and, most recently, arranged for upgrades to the lighting systems at Xaverian, placing almost 85 percent of the school building lighting on motion sensors, which has significantly lowered the school’s electric bill.

    Steve’s wife, Marybeth, has also been a constant source of support to Xaverian, regularly providing help with everything from co-chairing the annual gala, serving as co-chair on the auction committee, and speaking with new incoming parents. “I can clearly see the difference Xaverian has made in both of my son’s lives. This school teaches them to think beyond themselves and encourages them to care about others while motivating them to be the best they can be,” says Marybeth.

    When asked why they give back to Xaverian, the Bissons explain, “Xaverian changes lives for the better. We want to be a part of that by contributing to the school.” Called to Lead: The Campaign for Xaverian recently benefited from the Bissons’ generosity with a significant gift.

    “Our hope is that this gift will help further the legacy,” says Steve, “and that Xaverian will continue to put inner-city boys like me on the right path.”
  • Quince Broderick '17

    “I wanted to go to Xaverian because my four older brothers all had,” says Richard “Quince” Broderick ’17. “They would always come home and talk about how great it was.” After doing Hawk for a Day, he decided to follow in their footsteps. A year in, Quince is confident he made the right decision. “I love Xaverian,” he says. “I like my classmates, my friends, my teachers, and all my subjects. My favorite class is geography with Mr. Scanlon because it involves a lot of statistics, which are right up my alley.”

    At his brothers’ advice, Quince has also become involved. “They told me it was a good way to meet people and have fun,” he says. This year, Quince has played football and rugby and has also enjoyed going to Spirit Hawk, a weekly student-facilitated faith-sharing program. “Football was great because I got to make a lot of friends even before school started. At Spirit Hawk, the topics they talk about are interesting, and it’s another time I can hang out with my friends.” 

    “I think Xaverian is a very unique place,” Quince concludes. “The teachers are great and really approachable. I know I’m getting a great education.” 
  • Lucien Brodeur '91

    “Xaverian has been really good for me—twice,” says English teacher Lucien Brodeur ’91. “The first was as a student when I learned how to learn. Now as a faculty member, Xaverian has helped me develop as a teacher.”

    Lucien, who has taught at Xaverian for 11 years, praises the teaching environment as “demanding.” He cites regular feedback he gains from fellow faculty members visiting his classroom as instrumental in helping him hone his skills. “You get a lot of feedback, which gives you confidence. We have a high level of respect for one another. We push each other to be better,” he says. 

    In turn, students credit his classes for making Shakespeare “fun.” “There’s a sense at Xaverian that education is a two-way street,” Lucien explains. “Students learn from teachers, who are experts in content areas. But working through things in the classroom, we learn from students too. Often, they have great insights.”

    “There’s a strength of community at Xaverian and an emphasis on relationships,” he says. “We develop boys into young men. Through the service opportunities offered here, we model reaching out and being part of the larger community.”
  • John Chapman '78

    Few students ever come to know Xaverian quite like John Chapman did. John, a 1978 graduate, spent many hours working with the Xaverian Maintenance Department as part of the school’s work study program (which many students still benefit from today). “I came to see another side of the school that other students didn’t see,” explains John. “I came to see that Xaverian was more than just a school and a business; it was a home to the Xaverian Brothers too. These men worked and lived here. The experience really taught me maturity.”

    While working with the Maintenance Department, John came to know Brother Jim Smith, a longtime handyman to the school. John also became close with Brother Tom Morrissey, who was the moderator of Xaverian’s debate team. Along with Brother Morrisseey, John Meany, a Boston College undergraduate at the time, assisted with the debate team. For John, having the support of John Meany, a young man not much older than John, meant a great deal. “He was a mentor and guide to debate and beyond for me and so many students. It was so nice to have someone not much older beside us and coaching us.”

    For John, being on the debate team also opened many doors. “A lot of travel was involved,” explains John. “It was an introduction to the world.”

    John later attended Bates College where he was also on the debate team (ironically too, John Meany would follow John to Bates, post his time as a Boston College undergraduate, now as a debate coach to the Bates team). After Bates, John attended Dartmouth College where he earned a MBA from the Tuck School of Business. From there, John spent many years in the private equity and investment banking industry.

    Today, John is a partner with Arcade Partners, LLC in Hartford, Connecticut. In his role with Arcade, John works closely with private equity investors and entrepreneurs.

    John credits his stamina for hard work and perseverance to his time spent at Xaverian, and he’s excited that people have taken notice of what Xaverian has become. “It’s always had a good reputation, but back when I attended Xaverian, very few knew about the school. Xaverian’s investment in new property and scaling up its academics is amazing.”

    John also notes how important the school’s emphasis on being a good man of character and integrity was for him. “It’s a lot about values. While Xaverian is open to students of all faiths, the Catholic social teachings have been so important to me and my family.” For John and his wife Lorri, instilling these values in their three children, Leah, Keith, and Peter, has been so important.

    It has come full circle for John Chapman in so many ways. Though now a businessman and father, the perspective that his Xaverian education left him remains central in his life. So much so, in fact, that John felt called to give back to the school with a gift to Called to Lead: The Campaign for Xaverian.

    “It’s coming to a point in my life where I have the means and responsibility to give back. In part, I also want to set an example for my kids. In so many ways, just as Xaverian formed me, it also formed them. Our family is better for having had Xaverian as part of my life.”
  • Jack O'Donnell '71

    When Jack O’Donnell ’71 returned to campus last year, he was beyond impressed—happy to see how much the campus was flourishing and amazed at the hard-working students. As the owner of inMusic, his life is surrounded by music so when he saw the promise, potential, and passion for music in the students at Xaverian, he felt particularly motivated. 

    That’s why when Jack contemplated his recent gift to Called to Lead: The Campaign for Xaverian, he knew that music equipment had to be part of it. “I saw a need that I could easily provide to the school,” explains Jack. “I saw students and a teacher that were very excited about music creation and it was very gratifying to know that I could make a contribution that they were going to use and create with right away.” Jack’s company, inMusic, is made up of leading music technology and consumer electronics brands, delivering the most cutting-edge and relevant technology in the music industry. 

    “We are deeply grateful to Jack for making such a significant investment in our music program and our school,” says Brother Dan. “His gift will enable us to nurture the musical talent of all our students, many of whom continue theirmusic study in college.” 

    The Music Center is now fully outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment, including an electronic drum kit, microphones, a DJ system, and 15 lab work stations with keyboards, headphones, mixing software, and more. The keyboards, which are M-Audio Axiom Air 61 keyboards, have all the tools to create songs the way that professional artists do today—technology that is even used by artists like Pharrell, Justin Timberlake, and Kanye West. Students have already put the equipment to good use—learning about music in new and different ways, with plans to start mixing the next billboard hit.
  • John "Jack" Remondi '80

    “I remember looking at BC High, CM, and Xaverian for high school,” says Jack Remondi ’80, reflecting on his path to Xaverian. “I liked Xaverian best; I thought the teachers were great.” That first impression only strengthened over the years. “As I moved up through the grades, I saw how dedicated Xaverian teachers were. It was clear they loved to teach. The way they engaged the students was phenomenal.”

    “My Xaverian education taught me to think critically and broaden my horizons. I went on a school trip to France my sophomore year—the first time I had ever been to Europe,” Jack recalls. “I was also one of the first students to take part in the Xaverian Leadership Institute, which was an incredibly positive experience. And though I enjoyed college, I can say with certainty that Xaverian had much more of an impact on me.”

    “I think the most important piece of this campaign is broadening access,” says Jack, who is president and CEO of Sallie Mae, the country’s largest education financing company. “Xaverian is a place where kids can learn, be challenged, and remake themselves. It’s critical that Xaverian provides opportunity to students who could benefit from this experience.”
  • Rick Spillane '68

    “Xaverian is an amazingly positive, transformative place,” says Rick Spillane ’68. “It’s hard to explain what goes on here unless you’ve experienced it.” Rick has served on Xaverian’s Board of Trustees for the past six years and is currently president.

    “At Xaverian, the academics are certainly rigorous, but I think that our Catholic identity is a big part of the formation. That’s what makes us different,” Rick explains. “Campus ministry is outstanding. Through different activities and service opportunities, boys learn first hand about social justice and the vision of Christ in the world today. These experiences build global empathy and prepare boys to engage with the world.”

    Rick enjoys his volunteer service at Xaverian, calling the level of enthusiasm at the school “palpable.” “Stop any parent and talk to them, and you’ll hear how they believe in what goes on here—in what Xaverian is doing for their son.”

    “Xaverian made a big difference in my life,” he continues. “I want to see that difference carried out for other kids. This campaign isn’t about bigger and better. It’s about the boys: about what they need and about what works. Xaverian is at the right time and the right place to move forward.”
A private, Catholic, college preparatory day school for boys in grades 7-12. The Boston area prep school offers a rigorous academic curriculum, a well-developed campus ministry program focused on faith, character, and leadership, and a proud athletic tradition featuring competitive Division 1 high school athletics in the Catholic Conference.