A Xaverian education is based on the values of the Xaverian Brothers—humility, trust, simplicity, compassion, and zeal—while providing an exceptional education for young men.

Grounded in this mission is the understanding that what comprises an exceptional education for young men must evolve with the times and with technology, while holding fast to these core Xaverian values. In today’s world, that means embracing creativity and providing hands-on learning opportunities that utilize cutting-edge technology to encourage critical thinking, risk-taking, collaboration, and resiliency.
With the new Strengthening Minds, Empowering Creativity initiative, Xaverian continues to provide exactly these types of learning opportunities through enhanced curriculum, additional technology, and new community partnerships. Funding for the initiative is geared toward three primary areas: theater sound and lighting technology upgrades, fine arts curriculum development and implementation, and the launch of a new creativity lab to complement the existing modern science and computer labs and generate additional active-learning opportunities across all disciplines. With this renewed focus, we seek to cultivate an appreciation for the fine and performing arts from grades 7-12 while providing the next generation of leaders with confidence and competence in science, technology, engineering, and math.

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    We’re investing in the arts, and it’s not just for show. We want to put an instrument in every young man’s hands, and inspire undiscovered passion for design, photography, cartooning, architecture, and more. The arts are not only a confidence builder for a young man, but art can strengthen every facet of a Xaverian education. Participation in the arts bolsters academic performance and can help students grow socially and emotionally, think more critically, and be more innovative and collaborative. Art helps to build a wide range of higher-order thinking skills, the skills required for effective leadership. At Xaverian, every student participates in arts education as they learn that an appreciation for the arts is an important component of being strong young men. But we know that an introduction isn’t enough...we want to give our students ample opportunities to explore all aspects of the arts as they strive to maximize their unique potential.
    The work has already begun. We have launched new courses in the fine and performing arts and celebrated the founding of our first-ever Pep Band. This spring brought the inauguration of a new instrumental music program, pairing Xaverian students with some of the top musicians teaching in the Boston area; and next year, the grade 8 instrument program kicks off, providing every student with the opportunity to try his hand at an instrument. Support of the Strengthening Minds, Empowering Creativity initiative helps cover the costs associated with these contemporary programs, as well as the necessary equipment.

    Whether it’s called a creativity lab, a makerspace, or an innovation room, one thing is for sure; Xaverian aims to provide an inspiring location on campus that is filled with the best technology to benefit students of all ages. Augmented Reality, 3D printers, green screens, and robotics, the options are endless as a cohort of teachers representing a variety of disciplines work together with Xaverian’s Principal, Dr. Jacob Conca ’94, to uncover best practices and imagine the possibilities for this new space on campus.
    Their goal? To create a space where all Xaverian students can test their imagination and their skill. Whether it’s touring the chambers of the heart in virtual reality or building instruments with laser cutters and 3D printers, this space will be a resource for all grades and its applications will span across the curriculum. It’s time to give our students the tools to think outside the box, so they can get hands-on, real-world experience with equipment they’ll likely encounter in future careers. Funds raised through the Strengthening Minds, Empowering Creativity initiative will be used to make the possibilities into a reality.

    Our students love experiential learning. Look no further than the theater on any given afternoon, and you will find young men tinkering with lights, running cables, and testing microphones. These students are preparing sound and lighting for Xaverian’s next theatrical production. It’s a big task. Their creativity in lighting design and technical knowledge in sound engineering set the mood for the show. But what happens when the technology available doesn’t meet the need? Suddenly the bounds of our students’ imagination hits its limit.
    In order to equip our students for the best hands-on experience in our theater program, Xaverian aims to upgrade the current lighting system from analog to a digital, LED system, and replace the outdated sound system. Additionally, the stationary lighting trusses will be replaced with mechanical trusses that can be lowered to the ground. For the first time, this would allow our students the opportunity to hang the lights themselves. Not only do these enhancements provide the best experiential learning, but they will literally light up many future productions while enhancing the audio and visual experience for our actors, stage hands, and audiences.
This new initiative will help us challenge our students to reach farther, so that they can find out what they’re truly capable of when given the finest tools available and the encouragement to try. We want them to take the foundational knowledge that they acquire and go one step further to apply that knowledge. When they do, their learning is authentic, it’s innovative, and it’s lasting.

-Steve Dacey ’95, Assistant Principal for Teaching and Learning

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