In challenging times, we are given an opportunity. Hawks Helping Hawks is one of those opportunities. Now is the time when the Xaverian community can rise up and take care of those in need.


The COVID-19 pandemic and the economic fallout has put many in our community in a position of financial hardship. Some Xaverian families who have never requested aid before now find themselves needing assistance to keep their sons at the school. Each of these families plays an important role as part of our community. They understand the value of a Xaverian education and the lifelong impact it will have on their sons, our fellow Hawks. 

We anticipate the need for an additional $500,000 to help these families and have launched our Hawks Helping Hawks Relief Fund as a response. The success of our Day of Giving Back on May 20 raised nearly $230,000 for this cause. Now, to help us meet the $500,000 goal, Trustee Larry Begley ’73 has made the generous offer to match the first $50,000 in gifts which we receive for the Hawks Helping Hawks Relief Fund.

Will you step up and join us? Make your gift today. 

Tell us why you have decided to join Hawks Helping Hawks by completing this phrase: I am stepping up during this time of crisis because...

Whether it's because someone else's generosity made Xaverian possible for you and your family, or because you are simply passionate about ensuring that there are more Hawks in the world, we want to hear why you are stepping up today.

Please note that your answer may be shared with the Xaverian community. It just may be what inspires someone else to step up! 

Thank you. 

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