Athletic Hall of Fame Nomination

Thank you for your interest in completing a nomination form for the Xaverian Athletic Hall of Fame.

Please complete all required fields to the best of your ability and provide any additional information you deem important. All nominations are to be received on or before July 31 each year for consideration. All information submitted shall be retained by the Xaverian Athletic Hall of Fame Selection Committee. The completed application packet should include:

1. A letter of recommendation from the person making the nomination (the nominator) and other letters of support from appropriate individuals.
2. Supporting materials, newspaper clippings, magazine articles, yearbook photos, and/or other supportive materials.
3. A photograph of the nominee may accompany this nomination.

Please email the above materials to

It is up to the nominator to prove the candidate meets the requirements of the Athletic Hall of Fame, not the committee.

Athletic Hall of Fame Nomination

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A private, Catholic, college preparatory day school for boys in grades 7-12. The Boston area prep school offers a rigorous academic curriculum, a well-developed campus ministry program focused on faith, character, and leadership, and a proud athletic tradition featuring competitive Division 1 high school athletics in the Catholic Conference.