The Brother Marcellus Society is named after the first principal of Xaverian Brothers High School. Phillip James Feeley was born in Worcester and professed into the Congregation of the Xaverian Brothers as Brother Marcellus, C.F.X. in 1921. After teaching for many years, he was called on to head the new school in Westwood in 1963, Xaverian Brothers High School, the successor to the boys division of Mission Church High School in Roxbury. Brother Marcellus was head of school in Westwood from 1963-1966. He put the new school on a path to academic excellence with an emphasis on science education, which continues today. Like all Xaverian Brothers, Brother Marcellus was a man whose life was committed to the education of young men - body, mind, and spirit. Brother Marcellus died in 1992 at the age of 89. 

Xaverian Brothers High School is deeply grateful to those alumni, parents, and friends who have made plans to ensure opportunities for future generations of Xaverian students and who carry on the legacy of Brother Marcellus. As members of The Brother Marcellus Society, they have thoughtfully included Xaverian Brothers High School in their estate plans through various kinds of deferred giving arrangements. These arrangements include trusts, insurance gifts, IRA contributions, and bequests.

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Members of this group include:

Agnes Boyle – †
Paul P. Bowes ’68              
David F. Brooks, P ’89 †
Dr. Daniel Burgess ’50 †
Mary Burgess
David A. Capobianco ’76, P ’06
Robert and Gratia Chase, P ’91 
Nicholas J. Colantuoni ’14
John ’68 and Holly Collins
The Honorable John and Judy Connor, P ’86, ’93
Linda M. Corbett, P ’11
James W. Corcoran, III ’83
David C. Coughlin ’70
Paul and Patricia Daoust, P ’97, GP ’20, ’21
John J. Downing, MD ’70
David W. Duehren ’76
Richard J. Fogarty, Jr.† and Marjorie G. Fogarty †, P ’75, ’77 †, ’80, ’82 †
Andrew M. Fotta ’14
Lawrence M. Furey, P ’21
Mark J. Gately ’69
Peter A. Gerritson ’67
Jennifer E. Gibbons, P ’20
Stephen J. Gill, Esq. ’75
Elmer J. Goetz, P ’70 †
James M. Greeley ’47 †
Joseph G. Imbriani ’85, P ’14
Michael and Andree Keebaugh, GP ’19
Edward ’67 and Linda Kennedy
Mary Ellen King, P ’68 †
Joseph and Cheryl Larrubia, P ’01, ’11, ’13
Catherine Luna, GP ’06, ’13, ’14
James J. McDermott ’73
Lisa Morgan, P ’22
Michael J. Murphy ’75
Alice Phaneuf †
Mark E. Reagan ’67
Edward W. Rehill ’48†
Mary Creeden Risio
William Risio
John J. Salamone ’70
Dr. Paul E. Shannon
Mark J. Soule, P ’92
Mr. John Stefanon and Mr. Michael Gackstetter, P ’20, ’24
Richard C. Toland
George T. Wilkinson ’74
@ new this year
† Rest in Peace

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