Retreats offer opportunities for students to take time away from school to focus on relationships with God, self, and others.
Through experiential dynamics, talks, small group discussions, personal and communal prayer experiences, liturgy, and recreation, students are encouraged to open themselves to grow as young men rooted in faith and community and called to serve.

The focus of the retreats advances developmentally. Freshmen are brought into a sense of Christian community as a place of belonging where formative relationships develop. Sophomores are challenged to look within to discover their gifts and values. At this important time in their lives when personal decisions take on greater significance for the future, students need guidance throughout this process. Juniors focus on awareness of the giftedness, as well as the needs, of others, especially the poor and the marginalized. Seniors are challenged to become servant leaders within the school, the Church, and the world.

XBHS Retreats

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  • Freshman Day of Awareness

    This day introduces the Freshman class to the Xaverian Christian Community.
    Through varied activities conducted in a day away from Xaverian at a local parish, the student is welcomed into the community and given the opportunity to interact with his classmates. The day includes experiences of conversation, recreation, and prayer.

    The experience is coordinated by the Campus Ministry Team and facilitated by members of the junior class who offer their insight and experience to the freshmen. The day begins with ice-breaker activities to help students become comfortable with one another and to encourage conversation. Junior team members prepare and deliver talks.
    Topics include:
    • the juniors’ experience of coming into the Xaverian community
    • the importance of getting involved
    • their growth in faith since coming to Xaverian
    • the significance of volunteering for service through programs like X-ACT and Global Encounter
    Small discussion groups led by junior team members sit together to facilitate the formation of relationships, to process the talks by the juniors, and to engage in community building dynamics.

    Significant time is devoted to outdoor recreation in order to create an informal environment when friendships can begin. The day closes with a prayer service and a guided meditation to introduce the freshmen to the prayer life of the Xaverian community.
  • Freshman Sophomore Retreat

    Each year in the spring, the Campus Ministry Team sponsors an optional overnight retreat, open to all freshmen and sophomores, which focuses on building the Xaverian Community through prayer and sharing of life experiences.

    The retreat, which is held off-campus, is conducted by the Campus Ministry Team in conjunction with junior and senior peer ministers.
    • The retreat begins with community building ice breaker exercises that set the tone.
    • Peer ministers deliver talks that focus on: their experience of God; the importance of Christian community in their lives; and their experience of the Xaverian Community and ways that all can work to build that community.
    • Small discussion groups led by peer ministers focus on each individual’s experience of Christian community and ways to build the Xaverian Community.
    • Prayer experiences root the discussion of community in a personal and communal relationship with God. Student-led prayer services include music, Scripture readings, reflection, and intercessions. A guided meditation focuses on the individual’s relationship with Jesus.
  • Junior Retreat

    In addition to the Freshman/Sophomore Retreat, the Campus Ministry Team sponsors an optional mid-year overnight retreat for juniors designed to meet the spiritual needs of students at this stage.

    The retreat, facilitated by the Campus Ministry Team and other faculty members, is held off-campus to provide some space for reflection separated from the pressures of daily life. The Junior Retreat focuses in a deeper level on growing in one’s personal relationship with Jesus, building Christian community, recognition of one’s gifts and talents, as well as weaknesses, and the call to use what God has given for the building up of God’s kingdom through loving service.
    • The Junior Retreat, facilitated by the Campus Ministry Team and other faculty members, takes many of the themes of the freshman and sophomore Campus Ministry programs to a deeper level of reflection and integration into the life of the students.
    • Dynamics of the this retreat include presentations by faculty, small group discussions, prayer experiences, and quiet reflection. Time for community building recreation is also provided.
  • Senior Retreat

    In addition to our optional mid-year retreat program for Juniors, we offer an optional retreat program for our Senior students. Each retreat focuses on a different theme: Leadership, Prayer, Personality, etc. These retreats, while limited in time, allow the student to focus his attention on his faith and his future away from the pressures of college applications and plans for the coming year.
    • Mid-year retreats, conducted by the Campus Ministry Team and other faculty members, are held off-campus to allow students some separation from the daily pressures of Senior year.
    • Dynamics of the these retreats include presentations, small group discussions, prayer experiences, and quiet reflection.
  • Sophomore Faith Experience

    This retreat builds upon the development of faith during the freshman year. The Sophomore Faith Experience (SFE) consists of talks, small group discussions, group activities, recreation, sacramental and prayer experiences.

    Sophomore Faith Experience is coordinated by the Campus Ministry Team and a group of trained Senior Peer Ministers. The retreat takes place off campus from Thursday afternoon to Friday evening.
    • Students are introduced to the retreat as a time to focus on their lives during a very challenging stage of development.
    • Senior peer ministers offer sophomores reflective talks on their own experiences during this important stage in life. Talks are based on significant life experiences, including: faith life; family relationships and family change; school life; decisions about drug and alcohol use; friendships and dating relationships; difficulties experienced and overcome.
    • Small discussion groups, led by senior peer ministers, meet to process the talks. These groups are central to the SFE experience as a place where each student is provided an opportunity to share his own experiences and receive the support of his peers while doing the same for the others in the group.
    • Experiential dynamics are facilitated by the seniors to assist the sophomores in recognizing their gift and talents while working in collaboration with others.
    • Sophomore Faith Experience ends on Friday afternoon back at Xaverian with a closing prayer service in the school chapel. Parents and faculty are encouraged to attend as a sign of support for the sophomores returning from the retreat.
  • Xaverian Leadership Institute (XLI)

    The Xaverian Leadership Institute (XLI) is a five day Servant Leadership retreat for seniors which takes place during August. The retreat is coordinated by the Campus Ministry Team and staffed by members of the faculty, administration and alumni of Xaverian Brothers High School.

    The Xaverian Leadership Institute is grounded in the Roman Catholic tradition and rooted in the mission statement of the Xaverian Brothers Sponsored Schools. XLI seeks to facilitate personal and communal reflection on the students’ primary relationships with God, self, and others. As a leadership institute, we challenge and empower students within their faith tradition to become servant leaders for the Xaverian community and the Church. Through formal presentations, experiential exercises, small group discussions and prayer experiences, students will be empowered to serve others as they discover their God given gifts and talents.

    It is hoped the participants’ example will enhance the greater community’s commitment to fulfill the Gospel’s mandate of service to others. The goals of the Xaverian Leadership Institute are fourfold:
    • To help students and staff grow in their understanding of the teachings, life and example of Jesus Christ as found in the Gospels.
    • To come together as a reflective Christian Community as a means of discerning our role in the development of the Kingdom of God.
    • To empower students to grow as leaders of Christian service, justice and peace within the XBHS community as well as the global community.
    • To enable students to maximize and develop their God given talents to discern their vocation and focus their Senior Year at Xaverian Brothers High School.
    The Campus Ministry Team facilitates the accomplishment of these goals as by doing the following:
    • Recruiting Juniors in the spring by speaking to Theology classes and by personal invitation, encouraging students to participate in this formative experience.
    • Inviting faculty members to participate as full-time and part-time Institute staff members.
    • Seeking presenters and experiential dynamics facilitators from among the faculty and from outside the school community.
    • Hosting a Parent Night to orient the parents of Institute participants to the dynamics of XLI, especially the writing of Palanca letters of affirmation and support for their sons.
    • Preparing an extensive XLI Staff Manual with schedule, outlines for presentations, explanations of and instructions for dynamics, lists of small discussion groups and faculty facilitators, and instruction on the facilitation of a small group.
    • Working in collaboration with the Dean of Student Life to group the Institute participants into small discussion groups that will operate smoothly.
    • Facilitating every phase of the Institute, beginning with preparations on-site the day before the arrival of students. This preparation includes a workshopfor the Institute Staff that focuses on the events of the week with an emphasis on the facilitation of the small discussion group.

Campus Ministers

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