The Francis Xavier Society recognizes the dedication and leadership of a special group of current benefactors at Xaverian Brothers High School who have made contributions of $1,500 or more* to the school during each fiscal year.
Alumni, parents, grandparents, friends, faculty, and staff who join the Francis Xavier Society demonstrate their commitment to preserving a strong future for our students by supporting the school’s continued growth.

Members are invited each fall to a reception hosted by the Head of School and the Board of Trustees. We remain grateful for the kindness and generosity offered by all members of the Francis Xavier Society.

Gifts of $50,000 and above  --  Guardian of the Xaverian Mission
Gifts of $25,000 to $49,999  --  Partners in the Xaverian Mission
Gifts of $15,000 to $24,999  --  Benefactors Society
Gifts of $10,000 to $14,999  --  Trustees Society
Gifts of $7,500 to $9,999  --  Founder's Society
Gifts of $5,000 to $7,499  --  Theodore Ryken Society
Gifts of $2,500 to $4,999  --  Head of School's Society 
Gifts of $1,963 to $2,499  --  The 1963 Society 
Gifts of $1,500 to $1,962  --  Francis Xavier Society 

*Donors who consecutively contribute $1,000 or more starting in the 2021-2022 fiscal year or earlier are also included in the Francis Xavier Society.

2022-2023 Francis Xavier Society Members Listing
(July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023)

Thank you to those who committed themselves to being members of the Francis Xavier Society for the 2022-2023 fiscal year (which runs July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023). The Francis Xavier Society enrolls dedicated individuals who promote the mission of the school and thereby ensure an education that integrates the rigors of academic excellence with the spirit and support of Christian community. Formed in 1995, the Francis Xavier Society is named after the patron saint of the Xaverian Brothers.

If you would like to become a member of the Francis Xavier Society, click here to make your gift online today.

Membership Perks

  • Invitation to the annual Francis Xavier Society Reception
  • Recognition in the school's Annual Report of Gifts
  • Free admission to all athletic events
  • Free admission to all school performances
  • 10% discount at the Hawk Shop (School Store)
  • Periodic updates from Dr. Conca throughout the year
Guardian of the Mission
($50,000 and above)
Mr. Joseph D. DeStefano and Mrs. Erin S. DeStefano+
Mr. Daniel T. Flatley+
Mr. Jason R. Ford '09*+
Mr. James J. Keefe '71 and Ms. Lorna Lee*****
Mr. Rick Roche and Mrs. Catherine Roche***+
Mr. Richard A. Spillane, Jr. '68 and Mrs. Joanne M. Spillane*****+
Mr. John J. Sullivan '77+
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund**+
The Flatley Foundation^

Partners in the Mission
($25,000 to $49,999)
Mr. John F. Brennan, Jr. and Mrs. Deborah Brennan****
Mr. John F. Deeley, Jr. '70 and Mrs. Theresa Deeley***
Mr. Edward F. Kennedy, Jr. '67 and Mrs. Linda D. Kennedy****
Mr. Gerard C. Lorusso '71 and Mrs. Leslie A. Lorusso****
Mr. John T. Mahoney III '73 and Mrs. Lei Mahoney********+
Mr. Christopher Marzilli '77 and Mrs. Nancy Marzilli*
Mrs. Amy McGrath+
Mr. Paul J. Mellett '73 and Ms. Amanda Weissgerber*****+
Mr. John E. O'Donnell '71 and Ms. Pamela S. Stanton
Mr. John J. Remondi and Mrs. Dorothy Remondi*****
Avelina Charitable Foundation, Inc.***
Ayco Charitable Foundation*
Schwab Charitable Fund**
United Way of Rhode Island*+

Benefactors Society
($15,000 to $24,000)
Mr. Thomas A. Babich '04**
Richard F. Czaja '67, Esq. and Mrs. Nanci L. Czaja********
Mr. Jeffrey Delleo and Mrs. Heather Delleo
Mr. Joseph F. Feeney, Jr. '81 and Mrs. Jodi M. Feeney**+
Dr. John A. Fox and Mrs. Suzanne B. Fox****
Mr. Robert Frady '80 and Mrs. Leslie Frady+
Mr. Timothy V. Gavin '94 and Dr. Cara E. Gavin****
Mr. Joseph A. Gilmore '69 and Mrs. Margaret Gilmore**+
Mr. Samuel R. Goldberg '16+
Mr. George P. Haseotes and Mrs. Polyxeni T. Haseotes+
Mr. Matthew M. Hasselbeck '93 and Mrs. Sarah Hasselbeck+
Mr. Craig E. MacDonald '07 and Mrs. Jennifer MacDonald*
Mr. Eric F. MacDonald '07
Mr. Mark V. MacDonald '04
Mr. Robert B. MacDonald and Mrs. Ann M. MacDonald****+
Mr. John F. Remondi '80 and Mrs. Judith B. Remondi****+
Mrs. Elizabeth Simoni****
Mr. Richard C. Sousa and Mrs. Ann Marie Sousa+
Frank R. and Elizabeth Simoni Foundation****

Trustees Society
($10,000 to $14,999)
Mr. Michael P. Buckley '71*****+
Mr. David A. Capobianco '76 and Mrs. Kim M. Capobianco****+
Dr. Michael F. Collins '73 and Mrs. Maryellen F. Collins*******+
Mr. Derek D. Doo '87 and Mrs. Lisa M. Doo****+
Mr. John C. Driscoll '76 and Mrs. Mary Lou Driscoll*******+
Mr. Sean P. Fahy '82 and Mrs. Janice M. Fahy***+
Mr. Thomas P. Gavin '91 and Mrs. Audrey D. Gavin***
Mr. Neil C. Higgins '87 and Mrs. Nathalie Higgins*****+
Mr. Daniel V. Lalli '98 and Mrs. Alison Lalli***+
Mr. John E. Murphy '70 and Mrs. Denise M. Murphy********
Ms. Robin D. Murphy
Mr. Paul E. Noble, Jr. '73 and Mrs. Anne Noble******+
Mr. Charles D. Pagliazzo '81 and Mrs. Rebecca D. Pagliazzo******+
Mr. Josef F. Rettman '90
Ms. Jennifer Samalis*+
Mr. Richard M. Shaughnessy '73 and Mrs. Ann M. Shaughnessy**+
Mr. Patrick J. Sullivan '77 and Mrs. Shelagh A. Sullivan*****
Mr. Paul Todesca and Mrs. Gina Todesca+
Mr. David Zoppo '81 and Mrs. Natalie C. Zoppo*****+
Econocorp Inc^
Philia Foundation^
PMMI Foundation^

Founder's Society
($7,500 to $9,999)
Mr. William J. Cary and Mrs. Lisa M. Cary+
Mr. Edmond J. English '71 and Mrs. Maureen English*****
Mr. Paul F. Lyons '83 and Mrs. Robin M. Lyons**+
Mr. Kenneth K. Quigley, Jr. and Mrs. Elizabeth A. Quigley****+
Mr. Kurtis A. Volk and Mrs. Susan Volk+
Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund*+

Theodore Ryken Society
($5,000 to $7,499)
Anonymous (2)
Mr. John Amato and Ms. Kellyann Amato^
Mr. Thomas K. Armstrong and Mrs. Jennifer A. Armstrong*+
Mr. John F. Begley '72 and Mrs. Mary Ann Begley*******
Dr. Ronald Bleday and Mrs. Maureen H. Bleday****
Dr. Timothy M. Buie and Mrs. Tricia W. Buie*
Mr. Edmund F. Burke, Jr. and Mrs. Sarah W. Burke*
Mr. John E. Butterworth^
Mr. David A. Carter and Mrs. Ann P. Carter*+
Mr. Francis C. Corcoran '74 and Mrs. Virginia F. Corcoran*
Mr. Joseph F. Culgin '01+
Mr. Paul R. Daoust and Mrs. Patricia A. Daoust*+
Mr. James Doherty and Mrs. Tracy Doherty*+
Mr. Michael F. Furey and Mrs. Ame E. Furey*+
Mr. Edward F. Groden '71*+
Mrs. Judith Horne+
Mr. Christopher M. Kelley '92 and Mrs. Laura Kelley+
Mr. Michael J. Kennedy '80 and Mrs. Robin A. Kennedy*******+
Mr. Henry R. King and Mrs. Jeanette King***+
Mr. Richard Klaubert and Mrs. Kimberly Klaubert**
Mr. Andrew R. Logie and Mrs. Elizabeth Logie*****
Mr. Andrew T. Logie '98 and Mrs. Sarah Logie*+
Mr. Timothy M. MacPhee '77 and Mrs. Patti MacPhee*+
Mr. Francis C. Mahoney '81 and Mrs. Mary E. Mahoney****
Mr. Kleomanis Makkas and Mrs. Rania Makkas^
Mr. Jason Martucci and Mrs. Marilena Martucci+
Dr. Theofilos P. Matheos '95 and Mrs. Maria Matheos*
Mr. Warren J. Mead III '89 and Mrs. Katrina Mead+
Ms. Karen Modtland+
Mr. John M. Moran and Mrs. Nancy A. Moran*+
Dr. Daniel J. O'Connell '68 and Mrs. Janet O'Connell********+
Mr. Paul M. Rappoli '89 and Mrs. Hope L. Rappoli**
Mr. Theodore P. Ristaino '69 and Mrs. Christine F. Ristaino*****+
Mr. John J. Roche '80 and Mrs. Jean Roche****
Mr. Joseph P. Schwartz and Mrs. Anne Marie K. Schwartz
Mr. James Spolyar and Mrs. Sybille Spolyar+
Mr. Stanley J. Sylvester and Mrs. Anne Marie Sylvester****+
Mr. Anthony K. Tama and Ms. Colleen D. Krenzer**
Mr. Richard D. Walsh '72 and Mrs. Sharon R. Walsh*****
Mr. James W. Zadrozny '91 and Mrs. Sandra Zadrozny
Cambridge Savings Bank*+
CM&B, Inc.*+
Morgan Stanley Gift Fund+
Morgan Stanley Wealth Management+
R. Zoppo Corporation
Robeco Boston Partners Global Investment Mgmt., Inc.**+
State Street Corporation*****
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program*+
Walpole Cooperative Bank*****+

Head of School Society
($2,500 to $4,999)
Mr. Joseph Abruzese and Mrs. Margaret Abruzese+
Mr. Brian Adams and Mrs. Kristen M. Adams
Ms. Simone Barnett***+
Mr. David Bennett and Mrs. Tina Bennett+
Mr. Paul C. Bertram '84 and Mrs. Kimberly M. Bertram**+
Mr. Robert S. Blasi, Jr.*+
Mr. David J. Brady '77 and Mrs. Diana J. Brady****
Mr. Anthony A. Breen '10 and Mrs. Gabriella Breen+
Mr. Michael F. Brown '76 and Mrs. Nancy H. Brown**
Mr. Stephen B. Buckley '95 and Mrs. Beth Buckley+
Mr. Darren J. Bullen '85 and Mrs. Lori Bullen+
Mr. Silvestro J. Calabrese and Mrs. Linda M. Calabrese*+
Dr. Stephen Camer and Mrs. Joanne Camer
Dr. Paul D. Cammarata '70 and Mrs. Mary P. Cammarata**
Mr. William R. Canavan '76****+
Mr. Benjamin F. Cavallo '94 and Mrs. Angela W. Cavallo*
Mr. Paul Chambers and Mrs. Susan Chambers**
Mr. John M. Chapman '78 and Mrs. Lorri C. Chapman******
Mr. John P. Collins '68 and Mrs. Holly B. Collins***
Mr. Anthony A. Conca and Mrs. Claudia Conca*+
Dr. Jacob A. Conca '94 and Mrs. Elizabeth Conca*+
Ms. Kelly R. Connelly
Mr. Michael F. Connolly '80 and Mrs. Monica B. Connolly*
Mr. Joseph W. Corcoran, Jr. and Mrs. Elizabeth Corcoran***+
Mr. John H. Dalton, Jr. and Mrs. Yasmin Dalton+
Mr. Brian J. Daoust '97
Mr. Jerry W. Devine and Mrs. Jennifer A. Devine+
Ms. Jane B. Di Martino*+
Dr. John J. Downing '70 and Mrs. Mary E. Downing*****
Dr. Henry K. Driscoll '71********
Mr. Michael R. Dufault and Mrs. Tammie M. Dufault*+
Mr. John K. Elder '82 and Mrs. Heather A. Steinmetz
Mr. Paul B. Farrell '84*
Mr. Paul A. Ferreira '81 and Mrs. Paloma Ferreira**
Mr. Lawrence M. Furey****
Mr. Timothy C. Gardner and Ms. Tara Aliotta***
Mr. Michael T. Gay and Ms. Elizabeth P. Connors-Gay+
Ms. Jennifer E. Gibbons*
Mr. Fredrick J. Goode, Jr. '74*******+
Mr. Michael F. Hansen '69 and Mrs. Kathryn Hansen***+
Mr. Reginald R. Hyppolite and Mrs. Sophia Hyppolite+
Mr. Joseph Iannoni '70 and Ms. Susan Wild*****
Joseph G. Imbriani '85, Esq.*****+
Mr. Mark W. Jackson '91 and Mrs. Tricia Jackson
Mr. Karl E. Johnsen, Sr. '87 and Mrs. Kara Johnsen*
Mr. Stephen F. Kern '82 and Mrs. Susan M. Kern*****+
Mr. Vidur Khatri '10+
Mr. John F. Killian '73 and Mrs. Laura E. Killian+
Mr. Alexander Kimmelmann and Mrs. Svetlana Khromova^
Mr. David Lanci and Mrs. Debra N. Lanci*+
Dr. Gregory M. Leslie '05 and Mrs. Nicole Leslie+
Mr. Robert Levash^
Mr. Keith A. Lockhart and Ms. Emiley Zalesky Lockhart^
Mr. Jeffrey R. Lynch and Mrs. Mary Lynch
Mr. Martin E. Maher '78 and Mr. Cedric Chew*
Dr. William D. Mallender and Mrs. Susan M. Mallender**+
Mr. Peter L. Markey '68 and Mrs. Schari Markey**+
Mr. Geoffrey F. Martello '13 and Mr. Jeremy Castillo**+
Mr. Thomas W. Mason*****
Mr. John P. McGuire+
Mr. Jeffrey S. Miller and Mrs. Cynthia Miller*
Mr. David Molinario '91 and Mrs. Deanna Molinario****+
Mrs. Susan M. Moore and Mr. Stephen Moore+
Mr. Michael J. Murphy '75 and Mrs. Mary E. Sullivan*****
Mr. Jed M. Nosal and Ms. Elaine M. O'Sullivan^
Mr. William P. O'Donnell '78 and Mrs. Susan O'Donnell*******+
Mr. Jarrod J. O'Neil '97 and Mrs. Stacy O'Neil+
Mr. James S. O'Sullivan*****+
Mr. George T. Papadopoulos '97 and Mrs. Ashley Papadopoulos**+
Mr. Roy T. Parker and Mrs. Gail Parker+
Mrs. Cameron M. Patel*+
Mr. Robert D. Payne and Mrs. Dianne T. Payne+
Mr. Joshua Pierce and Mrs. Caroline Pierce^
Mr. Sean Power and Mrs. Johanna Power*+
Mr. Robert J. Prezioso and Mrs. Laura A. Prezioso*+
Mr. Brian Quick and Mrs. Christine Quick*
Mr. Kevin C. Quigley '05 and Mrs. Emily Quigley**+
Mrs. Kathleen Reilly**
Mrs. Mary C. Risio****
Mr. Brian Roberts and Mrs. Rebecca Roberts
Ms. Kelley Ryan*+
Mr. Timothy F. Ryan+
Mr. R. Sean Saganey '82 and Mrs. Patti Saganey***+
Mr. Peter C. Santoro and Mrs. Stacey A. Santoro^
Mr. Brian J. Scheld and Mrs. Nancy J. Scheld*****+
Mr. Gregory M. Schramm and Mrs. Patricia B. Schramm+
Mr. Wayne Smith and Mrs. Julie Smith*+
Mr. Wayne Smith and Mrs. Patty Smith*+
Mr. James R. Sperzel and Mrs. Kerri Sperzel
Mr. Robert E. Tierney and Mrs. Christina Tierney*+
Dr. Jason G. Touhey '99 and Mrs. Daisy Touhey*
Dr. Christopher D. Turner '85 and Mrs. Christen Turner***+
Mr. John P. Vaglica and Mrs. Rose Marie Vaglica*+
Mr. Brian Walsh and Mrs. Jennifer F. Walsh+
Mr. Kevin R. Weafer '91 and Ms. Kelley Jones***+
Mr. William E. Weber, Jr. '92 and Mrs. Elizabeth H. Weber***
Mr. Edward J. Weiss '84 and Mrs. Susan L. Weiss**
Mr. Peter F. Weiss III '73 and Mrs. Gail P. Weiss******
Mr. Russell T. Williamson and Mrs. Elizabeth P. Williamson+
Mr. Ronald Xavier and Mrs. Melinda S. Xavier*+
Mr. Joseph M. Young, Jr. '08 and Mrs. Jessica Young+
Atlantic Management Corporation
Bank of Canton****+
Cooney Health, Inc.*
Crescent Ridge Dairy*
Envision Bank^
Estate of Dr. Paul E. Shannon+
F5 Networks+
Hartford Foundation for Public Giving
Integrated Revenue Integrity, Inc.^
JP Morgan Chase+
New England Carpet & Flooring, LLC**+
Paul D. Cammarata, D.M.D.**
Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Inc.*
Risk Strategies Company*
Robert H. Cook Insurance Agency, Inc.****
Roche Bros. Supermarkets*****+
Shea Family Foundation^
The Gilbane Foundation+
VOYA Financial+
The 1963 Society
($1,963 to $2,499)
Mr. Peter F. Bellew '67 and Mr. Raymond J. Shumovich*+
Mr. Richard E. Carolan '70 and Mrs. Marie B. Carolan********+
Mr. Deepak Chadha and Ms. Shalini Kumari*+
Rev. Paul T. Clifford '82*****+
Mr. Gene W. Comella+
Mr. John P. Comella '99*+
Mr. Joseph E. Connolly, Jr. and Mrs. Ann Marie Connolly*
Mr. Jeffrey R. Curry '89 and Mrs. Jennifer Curry**+
Mr. Michael Damon and Mrs. Heather Damon
Dr. Daniel Fanikos and Dr. Laurice Salib-Fanikos+
Mr. Carmen Ferrara and Mrs. Mary Ferrara*
Mr. William E. Flanagan and Mrs. Helena T. Carr-Flanagan***+
Mr. Eli Florence*
Mr. Michael M. Gardner '91 and Mrs. Donna Gardner*****+
Mr. Don W. Hasselbeck and Mrs. MaryBeth Hasselbeck+
Mr. James F. Hickey+
Mr. Patrick T. Kennedy '78*****+
Mr. Terrence J. Kerr '88
Mr. Alan B. Kump and Ms. Bridget Irish*
Ms. Diane Lank
Mr. Michael G. Loncar and Dr. Cynthia L. Loncar*
Mr. Robert N. Lusardi and Mrs. Sara Lusardi+
Mr. Tom McCormick and Mrs. Melissa M. McCormick^
Mr. Terence P. McCoy, Jr. '75 and Mrs. Sherilyn S. McCoy***
Mr. Steven P. McGowan '73 and Mrs. Judith L. McGowan***+
Mr. William McNamara and Mrs. Mary McNamara*+
Charles G. Murphy '67, Esq.*****+
Mr. Francis M. Murray '73 and Mrs. Debra T. Murray***+
Mr. Michael Murray and Mrs. Suzy Murray*
Mr. Brian H. O'Loughlin '09+
Mr. Denis J. Smith '67 and Mrs. Mary P. Smith********
Mr. Michael Tamasi and Mrs. Susan M. Tamasi***+
Mr. Alan S. Trager '89 and Mrs. Nancy Trager*****
Mr. Peter T. True and Mrs. Nancy True*+
Mr. Michael R. Weafer '98***
Mr. Gregg Whitaker and Mrs. Stephanie Whitaker***+
Ares Management^
Bay State Federal Savings Charitable Foundation****
Curry College+
Damon Financial, LLC+
Florence Electric LLC***+
Jersey Mike's Subs+
LEHI Sheet Metal Corporation^
Viasat, Inc.+

Francis Xavier Society
($1,500 to $1,962)
Mr. Michael R. Allard '89+
Mrs. Ann E. Alsfeld and Mr. Eric Alsfeld*+
Mr. Robert J. Amico '82
Mr. Thomas R. Amico '91 and Mrs. Leah M. Amico******
Mr. Scott Andrews*
Mr. Joseph F. Anello '06+
Mr. Charles W. Atherton and Mrs. Kristin T. Atherton+
Mr. John C. Baker '73 and Mrs. Kim E. Baker*+
Mr. Albert L. Bandlow and Mrs. Evelyn R. Bandlow*****
Mr. Jacob R. Barnett '09 and Mrs. Savannah Barnett+
Mr. Arthur F. Barrett and Mrs. Ann M. Barrett*
Mr. Robert Barry and Ms. Carolyn Ciaccia*
Mrs. Beth Bartholomew*+
Mr. Christopher Belleville and Mrs. Jennifer Belleville+
Mr. Dennis Berube and Mrs. Susan Berube+
Mr. John F. Biagiotti and Mrs. Laura Biagiotti**
Dr. Brian W. Blanchette and Dr. Mary Blanchette***
The Honorable Robert S. Blasi, Sr. and Mrs. Alice Blasi*
Mr. Anthony C. Borghi and Mrs. Loretta Borghi**+
Mr. Andrew Boyd and Mrs. Heather Boyd
Mr. Michael E. Boynton '85 and Mrs. Donna M. Boynton***+
Dr. Eric C. Breinlinger '88 and Mrs. Kerry L. Breinlinger*****
Mr. Christian H. Brennan and Mrs. Dana D. Brennan
Mr. John F. Brennan III '06 and Mrs. Jackie Brennan
Mr. James D. Brett '97****+
Mr. William C. Brown, Sr. and Mrs. Deborah M. Brown*
Mr. David W. Bruno '86 and Mrs. Caroline M. Bruno**
Mr. Thomas F. Buckley and Mrs. Linda M. Buckley**
Mr. Paul A. Buckovich and Mrs. Kym M. Buckovich**
Mr. Sean P. Burke and Mrs. Jennifer L. Burke**
Mr. Kevin Byrne and Mrs. Marianne Byrne^
Mr. Michael P. Cammarata '00 and Mrs. Mariessa Cammarata
Mr. Thomas Casey, Jr. and Mrs. Maura Casey*
Mr. Robert E. Chase and Mrs. Gratia S. Chase*****
Mr. David G. Clancy and Mrs. Susan M. Clancy****
Mr. Robert P. Clancy '67***
Mr. Matthew Connon and Mrs. Dulcey H. Connon
The Honorable John P. Connor, Jr. and Mrs. Judy M. Connor******
Mr. Daniel P. Conroy '09 and Mrs. Kathryn S. O'Neill
Ms. Linda M. Corbett****
Mr. Donald J. Corey, Jr. '84*
Mr. Dennis P. Crowley '94 and Mrs. Chelsa L. Crowley*
Mr. Derek M. Cummings '02 and Mrs. Cummings*+
Dr. Mark J. Czaja '72 and Dr. Joyce E. Fox*******
Dr. Stephen W. Dacey '95 and Mrs. Renee Dacey***
Dr. Joseph O. Daley, Jr. '73 and Dr. Sharon F. Daley**
Mr. Jeffrey S. Dauksevich '84+
Mr. George G. Davison '79 and Mrs. Christine A. Davison*+
Mr. Michael Dean^
Mr. Bryan C. Delaney '86 and Mrs. Ibelice I. Delaney+
Mr. Edward L. DeWolfe and Mrs. Tammy M. DeWolfe+
Mr. Daniel DiPlacido '88 and Mrs. Ciarna DiPlacido****
Mr. Mark C. Dmohowski '70******+
Mr. Daniel F. Doherty III and Mrs. Nancy Doherty**
Mr. Jay M. Donahue '81 and Mrs. Libby M. Donahue****
Mr. John L. Dondero and Mrs. Donna M. Dondero****
Mr. Jonathan M. Dooley, MSPT '94 and Mrs. Elizabeth M. Dooley*
Mr. Kevin J. Doyle and Ms. MaryBeth Poblocki-Doyle^
Mr. Dennis P. Duehren '77*+
Mr. Eric J. Dugas and Mrs. Melissa H. Dugas+
Mr. Kenneth Dumas and Mrs. Jill Dumas*+
Mr. Daniel R. Evans, Jr. '83***
Mr. Earl Fagan and Mrs. Sharon Fagan+
Mr. C. M. Fillmore and Mrs. Karen A. Fillmore*
Mr. Edward Fischer and Dr. Teresa Fung*
Mr. Thomas J. Flanagan, Jr. '85 and Mrs. Jackie Flanagan+
Mr. John J. Forte, Jr. '76 and Mrs. Candace O. Forte*****
Mr. Ryan N. Forte '10**+
Mr. Nicholas Frangis and Mrs. Martina Frangis*
Stephen J. Gill '75, Esq.********+
Mr. John P. Glancy '83 and Mrs. Susan C. Glancy*****+
Mr. James E. Glinski and Ms. Susan G. Denniston*****+
Mr. Kevin J. Gould '72 and Mrs. Kathleen A. Gould
Mr. Daniel A. Grady and Mrs. Dorothy A. Grady*****
Mr. Joel Gross and Mrs. Beth L. Gross
Mrs. Kristen M. Gunning*
Mr. Thomas E. Gunnoud and Mr. Hyam Kramer***
Mr. Anthony J. Hayes '99
Mr. David M. Heard '99+
Mr. Roger Heerman and Mrs. Heather Heerman
Mr. John Heffernan and Mrs. June Heffernan+
Mr. Robert B. Hevert and Mrs. Kathleen T. Hevert*
Mr. Randall P. Hodson and Mrs. Lee Anne Hodson*
Mr. Matthew J. Hollosy '00***
Mr. Jason Holloway and Mrs. Ryann Holloway
Mr. Scott Hothem and Mrs. Kathleen B. Hothem+
Mr. Joseph P. Houley and Mrs. Linda Houley*+
Mrs. Theresa Hynes
Mr. Richard A. Jalkut and Mrs. Mary Jalkut*****
Mr. Andrew J. Jasper '96*
Ms. Nancy Kaaz-Dougherty and Mr. Gerard Dougherty
Mrs. Janet Kaduboski and Mr. James P. Kaduboski***+
Mr. Brian J. Kelly and Mrs. Judith C. E. Kelly*
Mrs. Joan Kern, MH '59***
Mr. Gilbert S. Keteltas '82 and Mrs. Kristen Keteltas**
Mr. James B. Kisgen and Mrs. Martha J. Kisgen
Mr. John Lachut and Mrs. Kim Lachut
Mr. Domenic Lalli and Mrs. Lydia B. Lalli*****
Mr. Andrew Lawlor '81 and Mrs. Roberta E. Lawlor*****
Mr. Adam Lee and Mrs. Jean Lee+
Mr. Christian D. Leimkuehler and Ms. Gina M. Susi+
Mr. Mark Lepper and Mrs. Meredith Lepper*
Mr. Richard J. Leslie and Mrs. Christine R. Leslie**+
Mr. Jonathan M. Loiacono '01 and Mrs. Jessica Loiacono****+
Paul F. Lorincz, Esq. and Mrs. Cynthia E. Lorincz**+
Mr. Scott R. MacKenzie and Mrs. Mary E. MacKenzie+
Mr. Joseph P. MacKinnon '84**+
Mr. James Maconochie and Mrs. Jennifer Maconochie*
Dr. Peter Malone '72 and Mrs. Catherine Malone+
Mr. Kevin Mantville and Mrs. Linda Mantville*+
Mr. Robert J. Marseglia and Mrs. Andrea Marseglia***
Mr. Richard P. Mazzocca '81 and Mrs. Elizabeth A. Mazzocca***
Mr. Andrew R. McCormack and Mrs. Julie A. McCormack^
Mr. Gerard T. McDermott and Mrs. Mary Jane T. McDermott*****
Dr. James J. McDermott '73 and Mrs. Ann McDermott*******+
Dr. Joseph D. McGilvray III and Mrs. Daniela McGilvray**
Mr. Richard J. McGowan '73 and Mrs. Barbara McGowan**
Mr. Brian E. Mellett '08 and Mrs. Holly Yermal***+
Mr. Joseph S. Mohr III and Mrs. Sharon Mohr*
Mr. Timothy L. Mould and Ms. Mona I. Maas*
Mr. Andrew P. Munchbach '01 and Mrs. Corinne Munchbach
Mr. Joseph A. Nedder '85 and Mrs. Antonia R. Nedder+
Dr. Douglas O'Brien and Mrs. Susan O'Brien**
Mr. Michael P. O'Connor, Jr., MH '72 and Mrs. Donna M. O'Connor*****+
Mrs. Rosalie G. Perry*
Mr. Joshua M. Person and Mrs. Jamie Person*+
Mr. William A. Polin and Mrs. Janice M. Polin******
Mr. Steven C. Preskenis '88 and Mrs. Maureen C. Preskenis+
Mr. Joseph T. Rae, Jr. and Mrs. Elizabeth Rae+
Mr. Mark J. Resnick '90 and Mrs. Coleen P. Resnick*****+
Mr. William P. Reynolds, Jr. '73 and Mrs. Ellen Reynolds*
Bro. Edward G. Rice, C.F.X.+
Mr. Kevin J. Saccone and Mrs. Beth Saccone+
Mr. William F. Scannell, Jr. '09 and Mrs. Mary Kate Scannell
Mr. Joseph V. Scholl and Mrs. Meg Scholl****
Mr. Joseph H. Schwartz and Mrs. Maria Schwartz+
Mr. Anthony J. Serani, Jr. '86 and Mrs. Paula M. Serani*+
Ms. Cindy Shannon and Rev. Dr. James Antal***
Mr. John T. Shea '75 and Mrs. Elizabeth A. Shea*
Mr. Michael D. Shea '99 and Mr. Jahangir Kabir+
Mr. Robert C. Shea '01+
Mr. Henry Silva*
Bro. Daniel E. Skala, C.F.X.******
Mr. Thomas J. Skala, Sr. and Mrs. Rachel M. Skala**+
Mr. Matthew Smith and Mrs. Maryann Smith*
Mrs. Donna M. Sola******
Mr. Paul F. Sorrento and Mrs. Susan M. Sorrento**
Mr. Timothy Spinella and Mrs. Katherine Spinella*
Mr. David J. Standring, Sr.*
Dr. Dana Stearns and Mrs. Lisa Marie Stearns*
Mr. Nicholas E. Steck and Mrs. Kathleen M. Steck*
Mr. Charles E. Stevenson '69 and Mrs. Patricia A. Stevenson*****
The Honorable William F. Sullivan '75 and Mrs. Marylou H. Sullivan*******
Ms. Kelly A. Sutton+
Mr. Christopher T. Tam '98 and Ms. Hue Nguyen***
Dr. Kevin M. Thomas '77 and Mrs. Tracy E. Thomas
Dr. Robert Thorp*+
Mr. Richard C. Toland and Mrs. Louise B. Toland*****+
Mr. Richard J. Towle '71 and Mrs. Nancy Towle***
Mr. William G. Traut and Mrs. Andrea S. Traut****
Mr. Shawn Tubman and Mrs. Dana M. Tubman*+
Mr. Daniel E. Tucker and Mrs. Lisa Tucker***+
Mr. John R. Tunney '05+
Dr. Christopher J. Vasta '00 and Mrs. Caitlin Vasta**+
Mr. Louis Villalba and Mrs. Nina Villalba*+
Mr. Richard M. Vito and Mrs. Cynthia A. Vito*+
Ms. Anne Vlajinac^
Ms. Colleen M. Wade*+
Mr. Joseph Warren and Mrs. Donna Warren^
Mr. Robert J. Weafer and Mrs. Elissa Weafer
Mr. Kevin M. Whelan '87 and Mrs. Jennifer A. Whelan*+
Mr. Dennis White '70 and Mrs. Margaret White
Mr. James P. Wilkinson '10 and Mrs. Stephanie Wilkinson+
Mr. Gregory Winn and Mrs. Claudia Winn*+
Mr. John J. Wright, Sr. '75 and Mrs. Marianne Wright*****
Mr. Joseph Wroblewski and Mrs. Jill Wroblewski+
Mr. Michael D. Xidea and Mrs. Amy M. Xidea*
Mr. Jonathan M. Zadrozny '96 and Mrs. Meaghan Zadrozny****
Fr. Michael L. Zimmerman '07**
Mr. William L. Zuccarini '79 and Mrs. Judith Zuccarini**+
10-19 Foundation, Inc^
Alexion Pharmaceuticals^
Automotive Profit Builders, Inc.*
Bank of America Private Bank^
Facts Management**
JDD Holdings, LLC
KLA Tencor**+
Lorusso Corporation
Mini Warehousing, Inc.
RBI Academy+
Stonehill College+
Suburban HVAC**+

* Donors who have given for 5 consecutive years
** Donors who have given for 10 consecutive years
*** Donors who have given for 15 consecutive years
**** Donors who have given for 20 consecutive years
***** Donors who have given for 25 consecutive years
****** Donors who have given for 30 consecutive years
******* Donors who have given for 35 consecutive years
******** Donors who have given for 40 consecutive years
^ First Gift
+ Increased Gift
† Rest in Peace

Xaverian Brothers High School

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Xaverian is a Catholic, college-preparatory school for boys in grades 7-12. As an inclusive community, we embrace diverse experiences and perspectives, welcoming students and families from all faiths and backgrounds. Through exceptional academics, athletics, the arts, faith formation, and service opportunities, we help young men discover their unique gifts and talents so they can share them with a world in need.