Xaverian is more than college prep; it’s life prep. And a large part of that comes from the campus ministry program. 
When you think "campus ministry," is bible study the only thing that comes to mind? Think again. It’s service. It’s conversation. A listening ear. A place to unwind. It’s pizza parties. Even tug of war. The programs and activities offered by campus ministry help our students develop relationships with family, friends, and God. Local and international service provides an enhanced worldview, giving students a better understanding of their role as global citizens.
We are committed to the moral and spiritual development of young men. Here, faith is talked about, but even more, it is lived – in our worship, in how we treat one another, and in our service to those in need. In a community of faith and respect, our students are challenged to live meaningful lives – in service to God, and to others. We welcome students and families from all faiths and backgrounds, appreciating the richness of diversity. Our inclusive community embraces experiences and perspectives from all walks of life.

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  • Programs and Activities

    New Student Orientation
    Big Hawk & Little Hawk mentor program
    Grade 8 day of service
    Liturgies and prayer services
    Awareness Day workshops
    “SpiritHawk” weekly youth group program
    “X-ACT” weekly community service trips
    Annual school-wide food, toy, and clothing drives
    Global Encounter service trips
    Pilgrimage to Italy
    Christian Senior Service program
    "X-CEL" urban immersion service
  • Retreats

    Seventh Grade Day Retreat
    Eighth Grade Retreat
    Francis Xavier Division Retreat
    Freshman Day of Awareness
    Freshman Sophomore Retreat
    Sophomore Faith Experience
    Junior Retreat
    Xaverian Pilgrimage to Italy
    Senior Retreat
    SpiritHawk Retreats
    Xaverian Brothers Sponsored Schools Retreat
    Xaverian Leadership Institute (XLI)

Campus Ministers

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  • Photo of James Conley

    Mr. James Conley 

    Director of Campus Ministry
  • Photo of Robert Gill

    Mr. Robert Gill 

  • Photo of Matthew Greeley

    Mr. Matthew Greeley 

  • Photo of Brianna Larnard

    Ms. Brianna Larnard 

  • Photo of Peter Welch

    Mr. Peter Welch 

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Xaverian is a Catholic, college-preparatory school for boys in grades 7-12. As an inclusive community, we embrace diverse experiences and perspectives, welcoming students and families from all faiths and backgrounds. Through exceptional academics, athletics, the arts, faith formation, and service opportunities, we help young men discover their unique gifts and talents so they can share them with a world in need.