The Domenic Lalli Strength and Conditioning Center is inspired by the best college fitness centers. Staff members work to provide students with a strong foundation and knowledge of physical fitness.
Every student at Xaverian is welcome to use the fitness center. In addition to athlete training, the fitness center has a great deal of equipment with which students can work out. Using the fitness center, Xaverian students and athletes learn about and practice:

  • Injury prevention
  • Overall physical fitness
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Assisted or resisted strength training
  • Plyometric training
  • Weight training
  • Powerlifting
  • Setting and achieving goals

Fitness Center Hours

6:00-8:00 a.m. and 3:00-5:00 p.m.

Fitness Center Equipment

List of 11 items.

  • 16 workout stations

  • 8 hammer strength weight machines

  • 8 double sided racks

  • 3 racks of dumbells

  • 2 combo lat pull down machines

  • 4 exercise bikes

  • 2 treadmills

  • 2 ellipticals

  • 2 stairmasters

  • 1 stepper

  • 1 row machine

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Xaverian is a Catholic, college-preparatory school for boys in grades 7-12. As an inclusive community, we embrace diverse experiences and perspectives, welcoming students and families from all faiths and backgrounds. Through exceptional academics, athletics, the arts, faith formation, and service opportunities, we help young men discover their unique gifts and talents so they can share them with a world in need.