For over half a century, Xaverian has helped to shape strong young men in the best sense of the word; and we believe strong means more than muscles and will. Strong is respecting others and yourself. It’s taking responsibility and giving credit where it’s due. Strong is speaking out, and it is also holding back. Strong is doing the right thing even when it’s not popular. Strong is having faith in the face of doubt.

At Xaverian, you will discover the true meaning of strength in an inclusive community where the dignity of each person is respected so that all can thrive. We empower students to achieve beyond their expectations and share their gifts with a world in need.

Please contact our office at or 781-801-1633 with any questions. We look forward to connecting with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

List of 7 frequently asked questions.

  • Can I afford Xaverian?

    Yes! While our tuition is $26,800, currently 54% of our families receive some form of tuition assistance. Last year, 80% of families who applied for need-based tuition assistance received a financial aid grant with awards ranging from $2,000 to $25,000. 
    For more information, visit our tuition assistance page.
  • How will I get to Xaverian each day?

    With students hailing from 90+ communities in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, it's no surprise that bus transportation and carpools are key! 

    Carpools can be arranged using the directory in our parent portal, and bus transportation is available from 25 communities including Braintree, Dorchester, Mansfield, Newton, Walpole, and West Roxbury (to name a few). Visit our transportation page to learn more.
  • Will I be able to fit in at Xaverian if I’m not Catholic?

    Absolutely! Although we are a Catholic school, we have many students with diverse faith backgrounds. The word “Catholic” means universal, and we want our students to grow in their faith, regardless of where they may be in their spiritual journey.
  • How will I adjust to Xaverian if I’m currently attending public school?

    Actually, about 60% of Xaverian students come to us from public schools and thrive here. We offer plenty of opportunities to become familiar with our culture and to make friends with fellow students before the school year begins (like special summer programs and orientations), and we’re very clear and upfront with all students about our expectations for the daily life of the school. There’s no surprises and we trust your adjustment will go smoothly.
  • What is it like to attend an all-boys school?

    There are lots of great things to look forward to at an all-boys school. For example, Xaverian students enjoy having reduced social pressure during the school day, frequent opportunities for physical activity, an intentional focus on character education, and teachers who tailor their instruction based on the ways boys learn best.

    Our Head of School, Dr. Jacob Conca recently wrote a blog post titled Six Ways All-Boys Education Can Help Your Son Thrive. Check it out!
  • What’s the Xaverian experience like for students from diverse backgrounds?

    In the last five years, the population of students of color at Xaverian has increased steadily, reaching over 23% in the 2022-2023 academic year. To support this growth and the overall experience for students of color, the Office of Community, Culture, and Equity was formed in 2021. The CCE Office provides support to individual students as needed, offers education for the community, and oversees particular affinity groups. It also provides a welcoming space for any interested students to congregate, study, and form relationships. 

    Diversity at Xaverian is not limited to ethnicity or color though, and there is no one “type” of Xaverian student. Our young men come from roughly 100 different cities and towns, from all levels of the financial spectrum, from a variety of religious backgrounds, from public schools, Catholic schools, and private schools, and from single-parent, dual-parent, and grandparent led households. Our community is stronger because of this diversity, and each young man benefits from the gifts and experiences of others. 
  • How will Xaverian help my son prepare for college? 

    Xaverian helps students find and get into the right school, and also prepares them to succeed at the college or university they choose. Here’s how:

    • Our counseling department are our students biggest advocates in helping our Hawks find, apply to, and choose their best-fit college. Xaverian students benefit from individual meetings, college information nights, application-prep summer programs, and two on-campus college fairs where representatives from more than 100 colleges and universities visit Xaverian. Our Hawks get into some of the best colleges in the country (think Harvard, Yale, Notre Dame, Amherst, etc.,), but better than that - they go to the best-fit school for their individual needs and interests. Our counselors are experts in helping students navigate the college application and enrollment process. Check out this blog to learn more.  

    • It’s very common for our Hawks to reach out upon starting at a college or university to tell us how well prepared they feel. Many often note that while their college roommates or friends may be struggling, because of Xaverian, they are thriving. Xaverian does an excellent job of academically preparing our students by teaching them to utilize best practices in study skills and time management. Additionally, because of our Academic Department Centers, students are comfortable with seeking out teachers to ask questions or secure extra help. It makes “office hours” much less daunting for our Hawks when they get to college.

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Xaverian is a Catholic, college-preparatory school for boys in grades 7-12. As an inclusive community, we embrace diverse experiences and perspectives, welcoming students and families from all faiths and backgrounds. Through exceptional academics, athletics, the arts, faith formation, and service opportunities, we help young men discover their unique gifts and talents so they can share them with a world in need.