Assembly/Professional Day

Location: Various Locations around the building
XBHS Awareness Day October 25, 2016 Theme: Community and Relationships Your Digital Footprint- Making the Best Online Choices: Presented to grade 9 (Cafeteria) Kerry Gallagher is a teacher with 15 years of experience, a lawyer by training, and a writer and speaker. She has authored and co-authored many guidebooks and articles to help encourage teens, educators, and parents to have more productive conversations about technology in school and at home. Kerry will challenge students to acknowledge how difficult it is to face some real tragedies that have stemmed from poor uses of social media, but also how they can feel empowered to make a change starting today. Find Kerry at or on Twitter @KerryHawk02 Reckless Driving and Poor Decision Making: Presented to grades 10 and 11 (Theater) Jim Butcher graduated from Worcester State University in 1983 with a degree in Sociology and received his MS in Criminal Justice from Westfield State University in 1999. Jim is married with 4 children and currently serves as the Chief Probation Officer in the Barnstable District Court. For 35 years, Jim has been involved in high school and college officiating. For the past 7 years, he has been a College Football Official in the Division 1AA Atlantic 10 Conference. On April 20, 2007, his daughter Courtney was killed in a car crash in the town of Leicester. She was a passenger in the car in which four out of five teenager's were killed. Courtney was his oldest child. The accident was not a drunk or impaired driving crash, this was due to excessive speed. Approximately one month after the crash, Jim began speaking at St. John's of Shrewsbury (where his son was a senior) to the Junior class prior to their prom. Jim has continued to speak at St. John's since then as well as 30 other schools including Shrewsbury HS, BC High, Barnstable, Monomoy and Sandwich. His presentation includes a 10 minute video of a girl from the North Shore being arraigned for a Motor Vehicle Homicide, one week after she was arrested for OUI. Jim speaks about Courtney, her life, the crash, what happened to the other kids and the impact on his family. Through his presentation, he shares the importance of being a leader in these types of situations and how to be responsible as both a passenger and driver in a car. Drug Abuse Prevention: Presented to grade 12 (Simoni Lobby) James A. Ross is a Norfolk Sheriff’s Deputy and has served as a Correctional Officer for the past 20 years. He holds certifications in NASRO (National Association of School Resource Officers), radKIDS, ALICE, and a trainer of the MARC anti-bullying curriculum. His program will present an inmate’s 1st hand account of the impacts associated with being incarcerated due to drug and alcohol abuse, and how one wrong decision can lead to a lifetime of consequences. Other topics that he will cover will include: good decision making, choosing friends wisely, and avoiding risky situations and behaviors. ? Normal Dismissal 2:26 p.m. ? Dress Up Day Contact: Mr. Vasta 781-326-6392 X622
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