Congratulations to this year's winners, Abishek ’22 and Michael ’22.

The 2021 XBHS Essay Contest, sponsored by the office of the Principal, was a fitting topic for this past challenging year. The contest was open to all grade 9-12 students and sought entries that demonstrated a positive, affirming reflection on the past year or the year ahead. Essays were judged upon originality and insight, hopeful and positive tone, and the overall prose quality. This year’s winner of the Xaverian Hawk Shop gift certificate and school recognition was Abishek Raja. Abishek’s essay touched upon how students who were apart in a physical sense managed to often get closer through positive attitudes. 
     After a forest fire, there is a rekindling of new life as new seedlings sprout. Let us nurture this hope and proliferate life to the rest of the forest...We must harness any light to spread joy in our community. Does the sun ever fail to rise? Then why should we?
--Abishek Raja ’22

Michael Earls was the contest runner-up. His essay challenged students to use pandemic time as an opportunity to reflect upon our flaws as a means of growth.
     The world’s hectic nature can place a barrier between oneself and the tranquility of the mind. This pandemic is an opportunity to reflect on goals, habits, and flaws...as Guatama Buddha said, “Dwell not on the faults and shortcomings of others; instead, seek clarity about your own.”
--Michael Earls ’22
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