An Interview with Mr. Johnston

by Declan Little ’24 #XBCorps

Communications Corps member Declan '24 recently sat down with Mr. Johnston to talk about his time at Xaverian. 

The experiences of a student during his education can shape his future and influence his choices, for better or for worse. Among those with the most to offer are the teachers who guide that student to a better understanding of the world as a whole. I know that in my own educational journey, I have had many great teachers who have made a lasting impact on me. One such teacher recently came back into my life: Mr. Cory Johnston. Mr. Johnston is a new math teacher at Xaverian, but he was also my former math teacher in sixth grade at the William H. Galvin Middle School in Canton. I have only fond memories of his class, and the kind, inviting environment he created. Recently, I caught up with Mr. J to discuss his transition from the Canton Public Schools to Xaverian.

Mr. Johnston’s connection to Xaverian goes back to his friends. He says he has several who came to the school and, as he put it, “were always very proud of the fact that they went here.” His curiosity about Xaverian only grew when he became a sixth grade teacher in Canton, where he wrote dozens of recommendations for students applying to local private schools over his 13-year tenure. But it was Xaverian’s philosophy of education that compelled Mr. Johnston to apply. “This is a place that shares my beliefs on what education should look like,” he says, “and that, in the end, is what led me here.”

Even before he stood in front of one of his brand new math classes, Mr. Johnston says that he could feel the school’s positive energy. Once the school year began, seeing the familiar faces he had previously taught, as well as knowing that many of the students he was instructing were just as new as he was, helped to ease his anxiety on starting the new role. And, he says that the compassion he received from his new coworkers and from his students made the transition easier, and made for an enjoyable start to his Xaverian career.

As a former student of his, I was thrilled to find out that Mr. Johnston was a new hire at Xaverian. His creative methods of teaching and eagerness to help me and my classmates made him one of my all-time favorite teachers. It’s clear that he feels as good about being here as I am to have him at Xaverian. “We’re only a quarter into the year and it already feels like I have been here forever,” he says. “I am definitely happy to be here.”
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