Introducing the Catholic College Connection

Introducing the Catholic College Connection - Xaverian’s Preferred Acceptance Program.

For hundreds of years, Catholic colleges and universities have stood as exceptional institutions for higher learning. Now, Xaverian is offering students a chance to continue their Catholic education beyond high school through a new admissions agreement program we’re calling the Catholic College Connection. 

The Catholic College Connection begins its inaugural year with three critical partners. They are Xavier University, Loyola University Maryland, and Assumption University. All three schools are offering guaranteed admission to Xaverian graduates, provided the students are in good academic standing and meet basic admissions criteria. University-specific admission information is available in Xaverian’s counseling office. 

Along with guaranteed admission comes a financial incentive to continue in Catholic education. Assumption is offering $22,500 annually in merit awards and grants to students utilizing Xaverian’s Catholic College Connection. Financial assistance is also available to those students above and beyond the merit awards. Both Xavier and Loyola Maryland note that Xaverian graduates who utilize the Catholic College Connection are eligible for merit scholarships as well. 

“This is an exciting opportunity for our young men,” says Dr. Michael Nicholson, Principal of Xaverian. “We’re thrilled to be able to offer our students preferred admission to continue their education in the Catholic tradition beyond Xaverian. We’re grateful to Xavier, Loyola, and Assumption for being the first schools to enter into partnership with Xaverian in this way, and we look forward to continuing to expand the Catholic College Connection as new schools are added in the future.”
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