Finding a Home in Xaverian Theater

By Joseph Martucci ’24, #XBCorps

Treasure Island sets sail for Xaverian's stage on November 17 and 18! 

Cooper Marino ’27 had only been at Xaverian for a few weeks when he managed to nab the lead role of the fall play Treasure Island. This isn’t something he takes lightly. Although he’s been a member of several prestigious acting companies in Massachusetts, Cooper has finally found a home in Xaverian theater.

At the young age of five, Cooper was first introduced to the theater, having been cast in ensemble roles at the Franklin Performing Arts School. He then switched to the Un-Common Theatre Company and earned his first significant role as John in Peter Pan. However, success would not come easy for Cooper, as the COVID-19 quarantine forced him to put his passion on pause. He returned by joining LRC Stage Productions in middle school and serving in Beauty and the Beast and Spongebob as Cogsworth and Squidward, respectively. 

Cooper joined the cast of Montrose’s The Sound of Music performance in eighth grade two weeks before the show. It was here that he first heard whisperings of Xaverian’s theater program. The Montrose actors spoke so highly that he was inspired to attend the Xaverian open house. Cooper says he was sold from there: “I knew at that moment that Xaverian was where I was meant to be.”

The first thing Cooper did at Xaverian was try out for the fall production of Treasure Island. Expecting to work his way up to significant roles one year at a time, like in his previous theater experiences, he was dumbstruck when Xaverian’s theater director, Ms. Julianne O'Connor, cast him as the lead character, Jim Hawkins. “Cooper stood out as someone who had that youthful energy that I was looking for, and I knew from his background in theater that he would be able to take on this kind of role,” says Ms. O’Connor. “I don’t cast by seniority, and that’s something that I’m actually very proud of. I felt that everyone was put in the role they fit the best.”

Cooper says that it’s no surprise that Xaverian theater, backed by a diligent director, a supportive cast, and built on the principle of hard work, proved to be a perfect fit. The cast and crew have been rehearsing every day after school for months, and Cooper is determined and excited to tell the story of Treasure Island.

Tickets for the Friday, November 17, and Saturday, November 18, performances can be purchased online at Xaverian’s Box Office or at the door. We hope to see you there!
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