Announcing Second Quarter Honor Roll

Dr. Jacob Conca, Head of School at Xaverian Brothers High School, is pleased to announce that the following 657 students from 77 cities and towns have been named to the honor roll for the second marking period of the 2023-2024 school year.
The Xaverian Brothers High School honor roll has three designation levels:
-Ryken Honors indicates all marks are A- or above
-First Honors indicates all marks are B or above
-Second Honors indicates all marks are B- or above
The following has been sorted by state, city, honor level, grade, and name.

Ryan Patterson, First Honors, 9
Leo Holland, First Honors, 10
Louis Ferrara, First Honors, 12
Jeremiah Shea, Second Honors, 12

Chimdiebube Anyanwu, Second Honors, 11
Andrew Wroblewski, First Honors, 10
Ryan Burns, First Honors, 12
Gabriel Callender, First Honors, 12
Gregory Perez, Second Honors, 12
Matthew Wilson, First Honors, 10
Kelton Stanley, First Honors, 11
Jacob Stifel, First Honors, 12
Benjamin Perkins, Second Honors, 8
Cameron Stifel, Second Honors, 9
Luke Douglas, Second Honors, 12
Anthony Artesani, First Honors, 10
Salvatore Guerriero, First Honors, 7
Michael Liendo, First Honors, 7
Hassan Whyte, First Honors, 12

Boston - Brighton  
Jonathan Lyder, Second Honors, 11
Boston - Dorchester  
Khang Nguyen, Ryken Honors, 12
Boston - Hyde Park  
Jon Czmut, Ryken Honors, 9
David Olamokun, Second Honors, 10
Boston - Jamaica Plain  
Dale Martell, First Honors, 8
Boston - Roslindale  
Joseph Donweber, Ryken Honors, 8
Antonios Klimis, Ryken Honors, 9
Harrison Lydon, First Honors, 9
Mateo Saldana, First Honors, 9
Maximo Rios, Second Honors, 7
Boston - West Roxbury  
Kieran Frederick, Ryken Honors, 7
Desmond Sullivan, Ryken Honors, 7
Evan Nolan, Ryken Honors, 8
Kieran Russell, Ryken Honors, 8
Thomas Davis, Ryken Honors, 10
Matthew Russell, Ryken Honors, 12
Jonathan Russell, First Honors, 7
Robert Bernier, First Honors, 8
Jameson Purdy, First Honors, 8
Thomas Lombard, First Honors, 9
Antonio Cillo, First Honors, 10
Paul Hallahan, First Honors, 10
Samuel Keyser, First Honors, 10
James Landry, Second Honors, 7
Samuel Piccolo, Second Honors, 7
William Davis, Second Honors, 8
Colm Dervan, Second Honors, 8
Marco D'Amico, Second Honors, 9
Antonio Ferrara, Second Honors, 10
Zachary Parlon, Second Honors, 10
Justyn Foley, Second Honors, 12

Robert Duncan, First Honors, 7
John Dee, First Honors, 8
Brady Richardi, First Honors, 9
Ryan Bello, First Honors, 10
Jack Coen, First Honors, 10
Matthew Morelli, First Honors, 10
Owen Biggins, First Honors, 11
James Mazza, First Honors, 12
Dante Horsman, Second Honors, 10
Greyson Mazza, Second Honors, 10
Andrew Primo, Second Honors, 10
Ryan Heerman, Ryken Honors, 9
Mark England, Ryken Honors, 10
Nathan Wynn, First Honors, 10
Andrew Heerman, First Honors, 12
Kevin Murphy, First Honors, 12
Thomas Sullivan, First Honors, 11
Jordan Wilson, First Honors, 11
Caleb Brown, First Honors, 12
Patrick Khoury, Second Honors, 10
Corey Tow, First Honors, 9
Taejun Tow, First Honors, 12
Sebastian Liriano, Second Honors, 7
Jack Hynes, Second Honors, 9
Nathan Gill, First Honors, 10
Jeremy Brodeur, Ryken Honors, 7
Emile Brodeur, Ryken Honors, 9
Anthony Issa, Ryken Honors, 9
Benjamin Burke, Ryken Honors, 10
Cody Pratt, Ryken Honors, 10
Justin Timmins, Ryken Honors, 11
Paul Fischer, Ryken Honors, 12
Kevin Toland, Ryken Honors, 12
James Mulkern, First Honors, 7
William O'Neill, First Honors, 7
Jack Cavanaugh, First Honors, 8
Liam Fetter, First Honors, 9
Julian Aoun, First Honors, 10
Owen Burke, First Honors, 10
Gavin Hynes, First Honors, 10
Nicolas Castignetti, First Honors, 11
Sean Keevan, First Honors, 11
Andrew Bonanno, First Honors, 12
Orlando Calderon, First Honors, 12
Christian Hayes, First Honors, 12
Declan Little, First Honors, 12
Arsen Kaziyev, Second Honors, 8
Edward McDonough, Second Honors, 9
Jake Mulkern, Second Honors, 9
Ryan Ripple, Second Honors, 9
Andrew Elkhoury, Second Honors, 10
Andrew McGinty, Second Honors, 10
Wyndam Abbott, Second Honors, 11
Jayce Devine, Second Honors, 11
Andrew McInnis, Second Honors, 11
Hunter Molway, Second Honors, 12
Chestnut Hill  
Andre Roche, Ryken Honors, 8
Michael Dempsey, First Honors, 7
Michael Kimmelmann, First Honors, 9
Nicholas Denomy, Second Honors, 8
Nicolas Dempsey, Second Honors, 10
Marco Petrino, Ryken Honors, 8
Samuel Cavallo, Ryken Honors, 9
Colin Gallagher, Ryken Honors, 9
Cormac Hennigan, Ryken Honors, 9
Sean Teahan, Ryken Honors, 10
Brendan Wieher, Ryken Honors, 10
Lewis Gage, Ryken Honors, 11
Nicholas Griffin, Ryken Honors, 11
Sheel Patel, Ryken Honors, 11
Brian Ladino, Ryken Honors, 12
Matthew McCarthy, Ryken Honors, 12
Mason Murphy, First Honors, 7
Ferdinand Lirk, First Honors, 8
Christopher Adams, First Honors, 9
Patrick Gage, First Honors, 9
Stuart Macdonald, First Honors, 9
Liam Maguire, First Honors, 9
Fotios Condakes, First Honors, 10
Haig Guzelian, First Honors, 11
Aidan Morse, First Honors, 11
John Condakes, First Honors, 12
John Cucinotta, First Honors, 12
Daniel Lopez, First Honors, 12
Robert Payne, First Honors, 12
Jordan Silva, First Honors, 12
Stepan Guzelian, Second Honors, 8
Michael Donegan, Second Honors, 9
Charles Gallagher, Second Honors, 9
William Ryan, Second Honors, 9
John Bottaro, Second Honors, 11
Colin Teahan, Second Honors, 12
Conor Santoro, Ryken Honors, 8
Joshua Barry, Ryken Honors, 12
Austin Graham, First Honors, 7
Chase Police, First Honors, 7
Philip McGowan, First Honors, 8
Harry Corrigan, First Honors, 10
Burke McEwen, Second Honors, 10
East Bridgewater  
Charles Zadrozny, Ryken Honors, 7
Joseph Zadrozny, Ryken Honors, 10
Braden Pinkham, Second Honors, 10
Brennan O'Shaughnessy, Ryken Honors, 8
Luke Corey, Ryken Honors, 9
Michael O'Keefe, Ryken Honors, 9
Andrew Dean, Ryken Honors, 10
Devin Gosciak, Ryken Honors, 11
Carter Eaton, First Honors, 8
Bennett McStowe, First Honors, 8
Luke Dwyer, First Honors, 9
Tyler Haynes, First Honors, 9
Michael McCormack, First Honors, 9
Kevin Eaton, First Honors, 10
Hayden Gosciak, First Honors, 11
Jack Hadges, First Honors, 11
Ryan McCarthy, First Honors, 11
Antonis Antoniadis, Second Honors, 10
John Cary, Second Honors, 11
Patrick Rhodes, Second Honors, 11
Ryan Scannell, Second Honors, 12
Jacob Twohig, Ryken Honors, 7
Jack Yeghian, Ryken Honors, 7
Zachary Strickland, Ryken Honors, 9
Marcello Lanci, Ryken Honors, 10
Nolan Rappoli, Ryken Honors, 10
Rory Weston, Ryken Honors, 10
Quentin McCormack, Ryken Honors, 11
Nicholas Angelini, Ryken Honors, 12
Travis Burg, First Honors, 8
Evan Caron, First Honors, 9
Maddox Lund, First Honors, 9
Colin Trimble, First Honors, 10
Jack Lund, First Honors, 11
Nicholas Napoli, First Honors, 11
Christian Serani, First Honors, 12
Christian Dziok-Echeverria, Second Honors, 9
Richard Atherton, Second Honors, 11
Nolan Miley, Second Honors, 11

Lemar Rostami, First Honors, 8
Timothy Lee, First Honors, 9
Whitaker Tullos, First Honors, 11
Stephen Leone, Second Honors, 9
Campbell Tullos, Second Honors, 9
Bryan Assuncao, Second Honors, 10
Liam Hauser, Ryken Honors, 8
Kevin Murphy, Ryken Honors, 8
Aidan Arnold, Ryken Honors, 9
Connor Kotwicki, Ryken Honors, 9
Maxwell Bullen, Ryken Honors, 10
Alexander Hall, Ryken Honors, 11
Christopher Theodorou, Ryken Honors, 11
Colin Clark, Ryken Honors, 12
Sebastian Caggiano, First Honors, 7
Devin Fanning, First Honors, 7
Ryan Connelly, First Honors, 8
Theodore Papadopoulos, First Honors, 8
Braedan Levine, First Honors, 9
Ryan Verrette, First Honors, 9
Thomas Constantine, First Honors, 10
Timothy Murphy, First Honors, 10
John O'Connor, First Honors, 11
Samuel Verrette, First Honors, 11
Michael O'Connor, First Honors, 12
Samuel Quick, First Honors, 12
Domenic Izzo, Second Honors, 9
Justin Mosher, Second Honors, 9
Jack Scullin, Second Honors, 10
Connor Follett, Second Honors, 11
Michael Hogan, Second Honors, 11
Alexios Haseotes, First Honors, 8
Micah Amedee, First Honors, 11
Panayiotis Haseotes, First Honors, 11
Evan Campbell, Ryken Honors, 9
Jacob Edgar, Ryken Honors, 10
Joseph Karvelis, Ryken Honors, 10
Antuan Antonio, Ryken Honors, 12
Dillon Carter, Ryken Honors, 12
Maxx Crimi, First Honors, 9
James Goedde, First Honors, 9
Brendan Bernard, First Honors, 10
Peter Torres, First Honors, 10
Gavin Hume, First Honors, 12
Travis Lee, First Honors, 12
Nathan Patch, Second Honors, 11
Evan Fabella, First Honors, 8
Michael Stratton, First Honors, 11
Liam Lynch, Second Honors, 9
Luke McPhillips, Second Honors, 11
Santiago Feeney, Ryken Honors, 8
Sebastien Bureau, Ryken Honors, 12
William Byers, First Honors, 8
Zachary Fondo, First Honors, 10
Tyler Hothem, First Honors, 11
Nathan Denehy, First Honors, 12
Connor Walsh, Second Honors, 11
Ryan Dorfman, Second Honors, 7
Isaiah Nkata, First Honors, 9
Peter Blood, Ryken Honors, 9
Cameron Peterson, Ryken Honors, 10
Dylan Spadazzi, Ryken Honors, 10
Grady Blood, Ryken Honors, 11
Nicholas Grindle, First Honors, 8
Thomas McCormick, First Honors, 8
Colin Doherty, First Honors, 12
Christian Farmer, First Honors, 12
John O'Neil, First Honors, 12
James Oreste, Second Honors, 9
Brandon Hawthorne, Second Honors, 11
Riley Lynch, Second Honors, 11
Bryan Sawayer, Second Honors, 12

Jack Spignesi, Ryken Honors, 9
Joseph O'Donnell, Second Honors, 10
Matthew Dion, Second Honors, 12
John Kraus, Ryken Honors, 8
Charles McDermott, Ryken Honors, 8
William Curry, Ryken Honors, 9
Timothy Lowney, Ryken Honors, 9
Wyatt Boyd, Ryken Honors, 10
Colvin Callahan, Ryken Honors, 11
Owen Roberts, Ryken Honors, 11
Andrew Dufault, Ryken Honors, 12
Jack Gianino, Ryken Honors, 12
Aiden Wolcott, Ryken Honors, 12
Ryan McCarthy, First Honors, 7
Maxwell Schneider, First Honors, 7
Dylan Sullivan, First Honors, 7
Brian Ehrenzeller, First Honors, 8
Jacob Loynd, First Honors, 8
Graham Evans, First Honors, 9
Daniel McCarthy, First Honors, 9
Brendan Sullivan, First Honors, 10
Grant Sullivan, First Honors, 10
Shea Hagwood, Second Honors, 9
Cullen Heron, Second Honors, 9
Mark Ehrenzeller, Second Honors, 10
Samuel Leahy, Second Honors, 11
James Fetter, Second Honors, 12
Jack Daly, Ryken Honors, 8
Scott Feeney, Ryken Honors, 8
Nicholas O'Neil, Ryken Honors, 8
Aadi Aggarwal, Ryken Honors, 11
Neilan Fahey, Ryken Honors, 11
Jack Barry, First Honors, 8
Marvyn Romelus, First Honors, 9
Peter Schofield, First Honors, 9
Shane Barry, First Honors, 10
Michael Rossi, First Honors, 11
Connor Bennett, First Honors, 12
Lukas Noriega, First Honors, 12
Kellan Ward, Second Honors, 7
Conor Belleville, Ryken Honors, 11
Shane Belleville, Ryken Honors, 12
Matthew Albert, First Honors, 7
Joshua Santosuosso, First Honors, 7
Michael Albert, First Honors, 9
Jonathan Santosuosso, First Honors, 9
Abraham Anderson, Ryken Honors, 11
Thomas Melley, First Honors, 12
Joshua Cohen, Second Honors, 12
James Marjani, Ryken Honors, 10
Jonathan Pinelli, Ryken Honors, 12
Luke Gibbons, First Honors, 7
Nicholas Ahmad, First Honors, 9
Matthew Curley, First Honors, 9
Chad Saghbini, First Honors, 9
Nathan Trampont, First Honors, 9
Marcus Reyes, First Honors, 10
Beckett Soule, First Honors, 10
Benjamin Kramer, First Honors, 11
Adrián Izquierdo, First Honors, 12
Spencer Riley, First Honors, 12
Parker Soule, First Honors, 12
Brayden Gordon, Second Honors, 9
Garrett Minarski, Second Honors, 9
Gavin Heneghan, Second Honors, 10
Andrew O'Neill, Second Honors, 10
Christopher Morrow, Ryken Honors, 8
Robert Colandreo, Ryken Honors, 9
Brendan Coughlin, Ryken Honors, 9
Marc Leimkuehler, Ryken Honors, 12
Will Brink, First Honors, 8
James Connolly, First Honors, 9
Connor Doyle, First Honors, 9
Liam McDonald, First Honors, 9
Nicholas Tsanotelis, First Honors, 9
Quinlan Brink, First Honors, 10
Oliver Nosal, First Honors, 10
Thomas Egan, First Honors, 11
Landon Cappellano, Second Honors, 7
Rory Fagan, Second Honors, 8
Ryan Murphy, Second Honors, 10
Adam Coughlin, Second Honors, 11
Jayce Sharma, Ryken Honors, 7
Rony Escobar, Ryken Honors, 10
Jeffrey Howard, Ryken Honors, 10
Samuel Keith, Ryken Honors, 10
Mitchell Kisgen, Ryken Honors, 11
Griffan Godin, First Honors, 9
William Wood, First Honors, 9
SreVignesh AshokRaja, Second Honors, 10
Joshua Corliss, Second Honors, 11
Harrison Gatha, Ryken Honors, 8
Colin Lynch, Ryken Honors, 9
James Kouvlis, Ryken Honors, 10
Luke Abruzese, Ryken Honors, 12
Joseph Burton, Ryken Honors, 12
Matthew Fanikos, First Honors, 8
Cameron Patey, First Honors, 8
Henry Pelosi, First Honors, 8
Chase Stratford, First Honors, 9
Owen Adams, First Honors, 10
Harrison DeFeo, First Honors, 10
Cameron Schreiber, First Honors, 12
Jonathan Fanikos, Second Honors, 11
Kellan Lockhart, Ryken Honors, 8
Patrick Moriarty, Ryken Honors, 8
Desmond Rohanna, Ryken Honors, 9
Christopher Proia-Roy, Ryken Honors, 10
Tyler Marchesseault, First Honors, 8
Mason O'Malley, First Honors, 8
Michael Harden, First Honors, 9
William Giunta, First Honors, 10
Thomas Maguire, First Honors, 10
Brenden Berube, First Honors, 11
Christopher Dalton, First Honors, 11
Noah Coenraets, First Honors, 12
Colin Courtney, Ryken Honors, 7
Brennan Tierney, Ryken Honors, 8
Cohan Jarvis, Ryken Honors, 9
Alexander Pappas, Ryken Honors, 9
Pierce Brausch, Ryken Honors, 11
Tyler Holloway, Ryken Honors, 11
Michael Lenox, Ryken Honors, 11
Siddharth Arora, Ryken Honors, 12
Anthony Guzzi-Bartholomew, Ryken Honors, 12
Richard Siedel, First Honors, 7
Jack Dugas, First Honors, 8
Daniel Poggi, First Honors, 8
William Wainwright, First Honors, 8
Ryan Low, First Honors, 9
Kevin Barnett, First Honors, 10
Owen Curry, First Honors, 10
Daniel Lawson, First Honors, 10
Jackson Putt, First Honors, 12
James Nicholson, Second Honors, 7
Benjamin Champagne, Second Honors, 9
Jake Duffy, Second Honors, 9
Alexander Brinker, Second Honors, 11
Owen O'Neill, Second Honors, 11
Graham Wallrapp, Second Honors, 11
North Attleboro  
Liam Feeney, Ryken Honors, 11
Russell Kenney, First Honors, 11
Christian Bumpus, Second Honors, 11
Nico Woelfel, Second Honors, 11
Samuel Hogan, Second Honors, 12
Lucian Nevil, First Honors, 8
Evan Fitzgerald, Second Honors, 11

Robert West, First Honors, 10  

Frederick Elhayek, Ryken Honors, 7
Colin Ma, Ryken Honors, 8
Ethan Ramel, Ryken Honors, 8
Jake Delamere, Ryken Honors, 9
David Carreiro, Ryken Honors, 10
Patrick Curley, Ryken Honors, 10
Marcel Karam, Ryken Honors, 11
Nolan Harrison, Ryken Honors, 12
Ferdia O'Carroll, Ryken Honors, 12
Roman Coras, First Honors, 8
Mateo Reyes, First Honors, 8
Ivan Glushchenko, First Honors, 9
Gabriel Halabi, First Honors, 9
James O'Malley, First Honors, 9
Mateo Tedeschi, First Honors, 9
Liam Hughes, First Honors, 10
Christian McIntyre, First Honors, 10
Garrett Org, First Honors, 10
Namish Sapru, First Honors, 10
William Cardini, First Honors, 11
Landon Duhamel, First Honors, 11
Emmanuel Duran, First Honors, 11
Liam MacLean, First Honors, 11
Thomas Nee, First Honors, 11
Brendan Slattery, First Honors, 11
Diego Aranguena, First Honors, 12
Eamon Heraghty, First Honors, 12
Sebastian Reyes, First Honors, 12
Tory Stuckey, First Honors, 12
John Dalzell, Second Honors, 8
Rocco Sheehan, Second Honors, 8
Nolan Golding, Second Honors, 9
Camden Harrison, Second Honors, 9
Owen Ma, Second Honors, 9
John Kazarov, Second Honors, 10
Sean Moynihan, Second Honors, 10
Jared Blasi, Second Honors, 11
Colin Needham, Second Honors, 11
Lorenzo Carrara, Second Honors, 12
Thomas Dearborn, Second Honors, 12
Michael Farah, Second Honors, 12
Nikolaos Franklin, Second Honors, 12
Colin Griffin, Second Honors, 12
Vincent Prezioso, Second Honors, 12
Michael Lachut, Ryken Honors, 11
Quinn Dumas, First Honors, 10
Aaron Dejesus, Second Honors, 10
Thomas LeBlanc, Second Honors, 10
Tarun Kancharla, Second Honors, 11
William Benting, First Honors, 11
Nicholas Cerone, Ryken Honors, 12
Emmett Gurwitch, Ryken Honors, 12
Ronan Packard, First Honors, 8
Thomas Mantville, First Honors, 12
Jacob Gratch, Second Honors, 9
Eros Ng, Second Honors, 12
Aidan Gilkes, First Honors, 9
Kingston Chansyna, First Honors, 10
Kyle Fagan, First Honors, 12
Antwine Burdett, Second Honors, 12
Jonathan Monteiro, Second Honors, 12
Quinn Lanagan, Ryken Honors, 11
Jonathan Etienne, First Honors, 8
Michael Gallagher, First Honors, 8

Zachary Vidalis, First Honors, 7

Mark Letourneau, Ryken Honors, 12
Adrian Borzymowski, Second Honors, 8
James Bent, Second Honors, 10
Charles Comerford, Ryken Honors, 9
William Carven, Second Honors, 10
Quinton Le, First Honors, 12
Ishwar Ravi, Ryken Honors, 12
Quincy Birkenhead, First Honors, 11
Ty Cheney, First Honors, 12
Alexander Mandel, First Honors, 12
Nicholas Trabocco, First Honors, 9
Michael Bulkin, First Honors, 11
David Belanger, Ryken Honors, 10
Ethan Cross, Ryken Honors, 12
Aiden Healea, Ryken Honors, 12
Daniel Slade, Ryken Honors, 12
Alessandro Fusco, First Honors, 8
Chase Brooks, First Honors, 9
Dominik Kasperkiewicz, First Honors, 9
Joseph Nguyen Lydon, First Honors, 10
Dominic Ierardi, First Honors, 11
Sean Pohl, First Honors, 11
Logan Caron, Ryken Honors, 11
Jack Scolnick, Second Honors, 10
Luke Herman, Ryken Honors, 7
Alex Armstrong, Ryken Honors, 8
Tyson Beehr, Ryken Honors, 8
Anthony Campo, Ryken Honors, 8
Lorenzo Ianno, Ryken Honors, 8
Anthony Mitry, Ryken Honors, 8
Nicolas Dunn, Ryken Honors, 9
Robert Serratore, Ryken Honors, 9
Tyler Smith, Ryken Honors, 9
Cameron Travers, Ryken Honors, 9
Beckett Delleo, Ryken Honors, 10
Ryan Dickhaut, Ryken Honors, 10
John Herman, Ryken Honors, 10
Andrew Maggiacomo, Ryken Honors, 10
Louis-Elias Nasr, Ryken Honors, 10
John Olohan, Ryken Honors, 10
Aiden Rice, Ryken Honors, 10
Liam O'Neill, Ryken Honors, 11
Brady Armstrong, Ryken Honors, 12
Tucker Asack, Ryken Honors, 12
Thomas Budka, Ryken Honors, 12
William Clarke, Ryken Honors, 12
Matthew Lopez, Ryken Honors, 12
Joseph Martucci, Ryken Honors, 12
Chase Xidea, Ryken Honors, 12
Owen Korchin, First Honors, 7
Ryan DeLucia, First Honors, 8
Tristan Guarino, First Honors, 8
Robert Sacchetti, First Honors, 8
Maurya Gaddam, First Honors, 9
Joshua Lopez, First Honors, 9
Charles McLaughlin, First Honors, 9
Aryan Sharma, First Honors, 9
David Chiavegato, First Honors, 10
Anoop Rampure, First Honors, 10
Wyatt Stazinski, First Honors, 10
Alexander Todorov, First Honors, 10
Joseph Hyatt, First Honors, 11
Conor Jacob, First Honors, 11
Paul McCarthy, First Honors, 11
William Mulgrew, First Honors, 11
Thomas Prata, First Honors, 11
Rishabh Tole, First Honors, 11
John Byrne, First Honors, 12
Ryan Matuszko, First Honors, 12
Sean Resnick, First Honors, 12
Jonathan Silva, First Honors, 12
Ryan Smith, First Honors, 12
David Brenizer, Second Honors, 7
Andrew Hague, Second Honors, 8
Timothy Curtin, Second Honors, 9
Daniel Kelley, Second Honors, 9
Aarav Mandadapu, Second Honors, 9
Ethan Owens, Second Honors, 9
Benjamin Campbell, Second Honors, 10
Michael Connolly, Second Honors, 10
Jackson Beehr, Second Honors, 11
Noah Campbell, Second Honors, 11
Christopher Connolly, Second Honors, 11
Patrick Connolly, Second Honors, 11
Owen Stazinski, Second Honors, 11
Joseph Teeven, Ryken Honors, 9
Daniel Parent, Ryken Honors, 10
John Teeven, Ryken Honors, 11
Nathan Fitzpatrick, First Honors, 9
Chase LeBlanc, First Honors, 9
Cody Coye, First Honors, 11
Zareh Sulahian, First Honors, 12
Joseph Vanaria, First Honors, 12
Max Hebert, Second Honors, 10
Connor Coye, Second Honors, 11
Owen Mendoza, First Honors, 11
Stelianos Matheos, First Honors, 9
William Bargoot, First Honors, 10
Panagiotis Matheos, First Honors, 11
Lucas Searle, Ryken Honors, 7
Michael Harris, Ryken Honors, 8
William Schramm, Ryken Honors, 9
Daniel Brennan, Ryken Honors, 10
Edward Reilly, First Honors, 7
Gavin Lordi, First Honors, 8
Sean Marcantonio, First Honors, 8
Liam Sullivan, First Honors, 8
Matthew Volk, First Honors, 9
Charles Brennan, First Honors, 10
William Goggin, First Honors, 10
Ethan Searle, First Honors, 10
Madoc Spolyar, First Honors, 10
Cooper Witt, First Honors, 12
Cullen Melsheimer, Second Honors, 7
Michael LaFave, Second Honors, 8
Lauchlan Perdoni, Second Honors, 9
Jack Marcantonio, Second Honors, 10
Jack O'Neil, Second Honors, 11
William Volk, Second Honors, 11
Charlie Comella, Second Honors, 12
Edward Connon, Second Honors, 12
Roman Perdoni, Second Honors, 12
Finnegan Spolyar, Second Honors, 12
West Bridgewater  
Jack Warren, Second Honors, 9
Ethan Jean, Second Honors, 11
Joseph Catalino, Ryken Honors, 8
James O'Sullivan, Ryken Honors, 12
Ryan Patrick O'Sullivan, First Honors, 10
Nicholas Abraham, First Honors, 12
Ciaran Gavin, Second Honors, 12
Henry Hasselbeck, Second Honors, 12
James Head, Ryken Honors, 7
Matthew Carlo, Ryken Honors, 9
Raymond Coppens, Ryken Honors, 9
Shubh Mehrotra, Ryken Honors, 9
Luke Preskenis, Ryken Honors, 9
Graham Williamson, Ryken Honors, 9
Paraic Kelly, Ryken Honors, 10
Kush Mehrotra, Ryken Honors, 11
Konstantinos Travayiakis, Ryken Honors, 11
Nathaniel Bowers, Ryken Honors, 12
Graham Xavier, Ryken Honors, 12
Raymond Opper, First Honors, 8
Haralambos Travayiakis, First Honors, 8
Thomas Whelan, First Honors, 9
Mason Mills, First Honors, 10
Jaggar DeWolfe, First Honors, 11
Lucus Barley, First Honors, 12
Michael Ferraro, First Honors, 12
Christopher Lakkis, First Honors, 12
Jesse Peck, First Honors, 12
Chase McFadden, Second Honors, 7
Brendan Murphy, Second Honors, 9
Daniel Gentile, Second Honors, 10
Declan Murphy, Second Honors, 12
Michael Doyle, Ryken Honors, 9
Max Richards, Ryken Honors, 9
Neil Kenney, Ryken Honors, 12
Benjamin Still, First Honors, 9
Brendan Coghlan, First Honors, 12
Connor Ferro, First Honors, 12
Joseph MacDonald, First Honors, 12
Troy Barnes, Second Honors, 7
Braydon Wells, Second Honors, 9
Liam Koch, Second Honors, 10
John Henry Doyle, Second Honors, 12
Nathan MacPhelemy, First Honors, 7
Max LaRosa, Second Honors, 9
Avery Amato, Ryken Honors, 10
Venkata Satya Subhash Mogallapu, Ryken Honors, 10
Jacob Person, Ryken Honors, 10
Jake Turner, Ryken Honors, 10
Kyle Corcoran, Ryken Honors, 12
Michael Gravallese, First Honors, 8
Oscar Mason, First Honors, 9
Jackson DeStefano, First Honors, 10
James Duggan, First Honors, 11
Matthew Person, First Honors, 12
Jack Duggan, Second Honors, 9
Adam Molinario, Second Honors, 10
Evan Corcoran, Second Honors, 11
Matthew Kelley, Second Honors, 12
Chase Maxim, Ryken Honors, 12
Colton Henderson, Second Honors, 9

Chase Maxim, Ryken Honors, 12
Colton Henderson, Second Honors, 9
Xaverian is a Catholic, college-preparatory school for boys in grades 7-12. As an inclusive community, we embrace diverse experiences and perspectives, welcoming students and families from all faiths and backgrounds. Through exceptional academics, athletics, the arts, faith formation, and service opportunities, we help young men discover their unique gifts and talents so they can share them with a world in need.