Here at Xaverian, we will continue to use every available resource, including the time remaining until the start of school, to refine and strengthen what we believe is an already robust approach to the 2020-2021 school year.

We realize there are some things we can’t control, but we also realize there are lots of items we can, many of which are outlined throughout our Reopening Xaverian documents. So, as we prepare for the start of the school year, here are five things we encourage our students and families to begin working on now.

List of 5 items.

  • Start Preparing for the Unexpected

    One of the most unsettling aspects related to COVID-19 is the fact that our world continues to change with little to no notice. Understand that this is part of working through a global pandemic and that things will continue to evolve and change. This simple recognition can be very helpful in dealing with unforeseen circumstances, especially when those circumstances ultimately arrive.
  • Limit Your Personal Interactions

    We have all heard it: 
    “Stay away from cookouts and parties.” 
    “Limit your social gatherings.” 
    “Stay away from crowds”
    “Avoid all unnecessary travel, especially out of state.” 

    While these things are certainly hard to do, we ask that you do your best to honor the requests being made by Governor Baker and our public health officials, especially as we get ready to start school. Simply stated, we need everyone to begin the school year in a healthy state. We ask that you continue to take these precautions.
  • Get Your School Supplies

    As previously mentioned, students will not use their lockers at the start of the school year to avoid congregating in hallways and minimizing the touching of surfaces. In addition to the normal school supplies you may acquire each year, make sure you have a sturdy backpack that will withstand the rigors of school. Additionally, as noted above, obtain personal hand sanitizer, a few masks, and a water bottle so that you are ready to go on the first day of school. Organization strategies will be discussed with students at their grade-specific orientations.
  • Stay Informed

    Here at Xaverian, we will continue to provide up-to-date information to ensure that everyone knows what to expect. Be on the lookout for Xaverian emails, visit our website frequently, and review all of the documents that will be forthcoming. As always, you can also call the main office with any questions you may have. We will do our best to get you all  the information we can, in a timely fashion.

  • Be Positive

    Going through a global pandemic is certainly not easy and it is not something for which any of us signed up. That said, the reality is that we are in one. Here at Xaverian, we have found that one of the most helpful tools in navigating the uncertainty before us is a deep belief that we can get through this. In fact, all of us (teachers, students, parents, staff, administrators, etc.) have already successfully persevered through five months of the COVID-19 pandemic. The truth is we have several more months to go, minimum. But, take comfort in the success we have experienced to date and the fact that our community, rooted in our Xaverian and Catholic identity, is strong and together we will prevail. 
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